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Vol. 21, No. 6 • June 2001 

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Learn to Catalog Internet Resources Anytime
A new Web-based cataloging course designed to teach Internet resource cataloging skills to new and seasoned catalogers, paraprofessionals, and library school students is now available from the OCLC Institute.

Designed for self-paced and self-directed study, the course covers current cataloging rules and MARC fields that are essential for libraries to provide efficient, effective, and uniform descriptions and access for selected Internet resources using traditional standards and practices. Users access the course's 28 interactive lessons with a standard Web browser. Each lesson contains learning objectives, instructional materials, real-world examples, and quizzes and tests that provide feedback. All lessons provide references and links to authoritative documentation and standards.

Special discounts are available for multiple registrations of 11 or more. Course details are available online through OCLC Institute's Web site (

Source: OCLC, Dublin, OH, 800/848-5878, 614/764-6000;

New Minolta Products Can Scan Microfilm
Minolta has announced its new MS 6000 and MS 7000 scanners, which allow micrographic users to transmit microfilm or microform images directly to a PC or to a dedicated high-speed printer for final output.

The MS 7000 comes standard with two output channels—one for high-speed laser printing and the other for scanning to a PC. The MS 6000 requires an optional purchase for PC connectivity. When running in dual mode, users may switch from printing to PC scanning with a shift button on the machine's front panel.

For those users searching for high-quality scanned microfilm images, both scanners support 800 dpi scanning to a PC. In addition, both scanners offer optional grayscale support for delivery of 8-bit images to a PC. The MS 6000 and MS 7000 connect to Minolta's MSP 3000 laser printer for direct printing. Other features for both models include support in a Windows environment, SCSI-2 Connection that allows for faster transfer rates, support for most standard coin-operated and vendor card systems, and two-to-one printer sharing. Pricing varies due to the wide range of possible configurations, but a complete stand-alone system starts as low as $7,900.

Source: Minolta Corp., Ramsey, NJ, 800/9MINOLTA;

Nova Offers New Tables for Laptop Users
Nova Solutions, Inc. has introduced two new lines of tables for laptop users. Both the Euro and Contour lines are customizable, allowing customers to choose between a straight or contoured desktop and fixed or adjustable leg height.

The Euro offers a clean, simple look with its adjustable height or stationary metal legs. The range of the work surface height on the adjustable leg table is 24­32 inches, while the stationary leg table is 30 inches high. The Contour is a more traditional desk with curved laminate legs.

Both lines feature a built-in dataport, multi-plug power strip, and wire-management channel. Available accessories include a locking laptop drawer, pencil drawer, and additional dataport. 

Source: Nova Solutions, Inc., Effingham, IL, 800/730-6682, 217/342-7070;

SPARC Collaborates with Comp Sci Journal
The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has announced its partnership with the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), a computer science journal launched last year and published by JMLR, Inc.—a company founded by researchers who are now on the JMLR editorial board. The journal is peer-reviewed and is offered electronically free of charge (at, with print editions issued by the MIT Press on a quarterly basis. It is also available as a paid electronic edition available on the CatchWord service ( The paid version provides additional features, including linking to abstracting-and-indexing services, archiving, and mirror sites around the world.

Source: Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, Washington, DC, 202/296-2296;

New STN Express 6.0 Offers New Tools
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has announced STN Express with Discover!, which now includes new tools for enhanced post-processing of search results.

Among the options introduced in the new version are tools for preparing reports and tables to present the information retrieved from STN International databases. Table Tool helps users create a table of data, graphics, and chemical structures from STN answer sets for analysis of search results. Report Tool helps users create customized, easily readable reports from search results. The Predefined Reports feature allows users to create reports with a professional-looking predefined format. Rich text format (RTF) files with live hyperlinks allow users to follow links in their transcripts to the associated full-text documents on the Web.

Source: Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, OH, 800/753-4227, 614/447-3731;

Sagebrush Launches BenchMARC Service
Sagebrush Corp. has announced BenchMARC, a new service designed to help school media specialists with the task of collection development. BenchMARC users submit their MARC records online, then receive free entry-level reports. They can choose more in-depth subscription reports that evaluate different aspects of the collection. BenchMARC users also have access to library experts to assist with collection development.

According to the announcement, the BenchMARC reports compare a library collection to a standard based on award-winning libraries. This measurement can be used when seeking funding or when ordering new materials. For help with ordering new materials, BenchMARC includes a list of reviewed items that can bring the library collection closer to the standard. BenchMARC can be used with an automation system capable of exporting MARC records. See for more information.

Source: Sagebrush Corp., Minneapolis, 800/328-2923, 952/656-2999;

Balboa Software Presents Library Master 4.1

Balboa Software has released Library Master 4.1 for Windows, a bibliographic database manager that automatically formats bibliographies, citations, and bibliographic footnotes. Version 4.1 adds over 200 new features, including 130 bibliographic styles, the ability to preview formatted records, Authority Lists, more flexible importing, new export formats, and Terms Tables that abbreviate journals, publishers, and series titles in reports.

Library Master helps writers manage bibliographic citations and research notes for their theses, articles, or books. It can also create annotated and subject bibliographies, periodical literature indexes, printed catalogs, acquisitions lists, book spine labels, and customized reports.

Library Master can catalog organizational or personal libraries with up to 2 million books, periodicals, audiovisuals, software, and other materials. New features simplify tracking of overdue items. The network version allows catalogers to edit records even while users are searching the database. A mouse click on a hypertext link can display Web pages, graphics files, and documents.

Library Master for Windows costs $249.95 for the single-user version. Educational discounts are available, and registered users can upgrade at reduced prices.

Source: Balboa Software, Willowdale, ON, Canada, 800/763-8542, 416/730-8980;
Managing Public PCs

Interface Software Releases PC Reservation
Interface Software, Inc. has announced the release of PC Reservation, a suite of software programs designed to manage access to public PCs and to control session time and reservations. According to the announcement, its Distributed Processing Model eliminates the need for a file server, effectively manages bandwidth, and allows the product to scale from a small rural library to a metropolitan enterprise solution.

PC Reservation can operate in three primary modes: stand-alone, staff-managed, and self-service. The product is priced modularly; libraries can obtain licenses for the Client Module, a Management Console, Self-Service Station software, the Authentication Module, and a Reporting Module. Institutions that use the company's companion product, LPT:One, to manage printing can aggregate licenses and share some components. 

Based on configuration and modules, sessions can be automatically extended if there is no one waiting for a PC. PCs left unattended because of early completion of a session are automatically restored to their locked mode. Statistics can be accumulated and Web-based reports can be generated about use, frequency, average session time, and other criteria. PC Reservation works in Windows environments and requires little disk space.

Source: Interface Software, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA, 800/216-8370;

Computers By Design's CybraryPRiNT Deluxe Controls Printing on Public PCs
Computers By Design has announced the release of CybraryPRiNT Deluxe, its full-featured print and copy management solution. According to the announcement, it includes all the software and hardware necessary to implement a centralized, robust, pay-for-print system.

Each time a patron chooses to print from the computer he is using, CybraryPRiNT Deluxe intercepts the print job before it reaches the printer and stores it in a queue. When he is finished with his session, the patron can approach a library-designated print release station and view his pending jobs. When the patron selects his job, he will be given information about the job including number of pages and total cost. If the user accepts the cost, he will be prompted to swipe a debit card through the card reader and the job will be printed. Libraries can choose to offer prepaid debit cards from a staffed location, or to have a self-service machine that allows for card vending and card "recharging."

Source: Computers By Design, Nesconset, NY, 800/THE-TOWN;
Company News

Wolters Kluwer Is Acquiring SilverPlatter
Wolters Kluwer has announced it will acquire SilverPlatter Information, Inc. The company will be combined with Ovid Technologies, according to the news release, in a manner that takes advantage of the strengths of both organizations. The activities of SilverPlatter and Ovid are complementary: SilverPlatter has strong sales in the scientific market, while Ovid has its traditional strength in the medical market.

Wolters Kluwer says its main objective with the acquisition and integration of SilverPlatter is to create a comprehensive channel for medical and scientific information. The deal will more than double the size of Wolters Kluwer's presence in the market for electronic medical and scientific information. 

Source: Ovid Technologies, Inc., New York, 800/950-2035, 212/563-3006;

SIRSI Creates Academic Library Division
SIRSI Corp. has announced the formation of LINK, a new division of the company chartered to focus solely on the unique needs of academic and research libraries and their users worldwide.

According to the announcement, the new LINK software configuration just launched by the division includes fully integrated software suites for an electronic library, e-searching, bibliographic record content enrichment, a digital media archive, interlibrary loan, document delivery, universal system interface, and Z39.50 Bath Profile compliance, as well as the usual integrated library system subsystems for circulation and technical services.

Source: SIRSI Corp., Hunstville, AL, 256/704-7000;
Automation Systems

COMPanion Delivers Alexandria for Mac OS X
COMPanion Corp. has announced that it will deliver a carbonized version of Alexandria for Mac OS X, so that any Mac OS can take advantage of Alexandria's full set of features. 

According to the announcement, Alexandria users running on Mac OS X will enjoy enhancements such as the Aqua interface, a robust protected memory architecture, preemptive multi-tasking, and faster standards-based networking. Alexandria is 100 percent cross-platform for both client and server.

Source: COMPanion Corp., Salt Lake City, 800/347-6439, 801/943-7277;

Inmagic Releases BiblioTech PRO Version 2.2
Inmagic, Inc. has released BiblioTech PRO 2.2, which offers new work flow efficiency features for librarians and end-users.

BiblioTech PRO is a fully integrated library system that provides a Web-enabled point-and-click interface for users. For patrons, version 2.2 offers browser-based integrated e-mail transactions: end-user loan requests, self-renewals, and information request forms. For library staff, the system allows automatic e-mail to be sent to end-users or vendors, on-demand spell checking, and the ability to receive user-submitted reference queries using an information request form. Reference queries are then easily tracked as part of normal library work flow.

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/229-8398, 781/938-4442;

SIRS Releases New Mandarin OPAC Version
SIRS Mandarin, Inc. has announced that the Mandarin M3 library automation system's M3 Windows OPAC has been upgraded to include patron access to personal account information, enhanced tagging, sorting capabilities, and more.

My Account is a new feature that enables patrons to view a detailed list of their current and previous library transactions as well as personal information. Also new is an index browse that allows patrons to browse a library's entire collection from the Standard Search Screen. Patrons can search for items by author, title, or subject. The index browse also helps patrons with the proper spellings of items. A new Tag All option allows patrons to tag every item returned from a particular search with one mouse click. Tagging is a way for librarians and patrons to compile lists of bibliographies for printing, saving, or for transfer to the M3 Bookbag.

With the new version of the Windows OPAC, librarians can configure a variety of functions to improve the display of their collections. A configurable default Sort option on the search results screen automatically sorts patron searches using a preselected field, such as call number, author, or title. Librarians can also customize the Holdings Panel on the Record Details Screen in order to view selected fields. Also, a new template lets librarians customize their library's name, hours of operation, schedule, and miscellaneous notes in the Bulletin Board.

Source: SIRS Mandarin, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 561/994-0079;

CARL Releases Enhanced CARLweb Version
The Library Corporation (TLC) and CARL Corp. have announced the release of CARLweb 3.6, a new version of the public access catalog (PAC) portion of CARL's IMDS automation system.

One new CARLweb feature of note allows patrons to view tables of contents and images of book covers via the PAC. While the patron conducts a search, these images appear on the title list and full record, and can be viewed in larger format. The initial delivery from CARL includes more than 220,000 tables of contents and 550,000 book-jacket images, with 16,000 additional images furnished each month. The service is easily activated, and the database resides on a separate server, so the library's server is not compromised in terms of speed or storage space.

The new version also reflects the growing collaboration between CARL and TLC. CARLweb 3.6 links directly with TLC's Library.Request. Other new developments allow for proximity and adjacency searching and for additional self-renew options for patrons' accounts.

Source: The Library Corporation, Inwood, WV, 800/325-7759, 304/229-0100;
Corporate Products's Search Portfolio Simplifies Online Research for Corporate Pros has introduced its Search Portfolio, an Internet research tool designed for corporate and individual users who want to maximize their research and avoid commercial search engines.

According to the company, the Search Portfolio is built entirely by professional librarians and research experts. Each category offers high-quality starting points with valuable search tips, and each of the starting points has been handpicked for its usefulness in leading to concrete information. 

Users can customize the Search Portfolio according to their industry or personal research needs. Additional categories can easily be added along with optional corporate branding. The product is available on an annual subscription basis and is priced according to the number of users.

Source:, Toronto, 800/343-9878, 416/928-1405;

Factiva Select Delivers Filtered XML Content
Factiva has announced the launch of Factiva Select, part of Factiva Integration, a suite of tools to integrate Factiva's news and business information into intranets and portals.

Factiva Select is a filtered XML content feed that allows customers to readily integrate Factiva's global content into any number of end-user applications or computing environments. In addition, customers can co-mingle up to 90 days of Factiva content with third-party and internal content to build a searchable, universally indexed content collection.

The content is filtered with the help of Factiva Intelligent Indexing, a categorization scheme that universally applies industry, region, news topic, and company codes across the Factiva content set. Customers then pull the filtered content to their corporate Web server where it can be stored and processed for up to 90 days. Factiva Select subscribers gain access to more than 4,000 global, multi-language sources from Factiva's collection, including The Wall Street Journal; Le Monde; The Times of London; The South China Morning Post; and the Dow Jones, Reuters, and Associated Press news wires.

Source: Factiva, Princeton, NJ, 800/369-7466, 609/520-4636;

ITI Publishes Book for Corporate Researchers
Information Today, Inc. has announced the publication of Super Searchers on Mergers & Acquisitions: The Online Secrets of Top Corporate Researchers and M&A Pros, by Jan Davis Tudor (ISBN: 0-910965-48-X, $24.95). The book features Tudor's interviews with 13 mergers & acquisitions (M&A) researchers who use the Internet to find, evaluate, and deliver deal-making data on companies and industries. This title is the sixth in the "Super Searchers" series.

In addition to the 13 expert interviews, the book includes a directory of Net-based M&A information resources, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index. The foreword is by Martin Sikora, editor of Mergers & Acquisitions: The Dealmaker's Journal, who said: "Jan Davis Tudor has assembled nothing less than the complete compendium of M&A information resources. Its value in incalculable."

Source: Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 800/300-9868, 609/654-6266;

NL Tailors Searches for Business Searchers
Northern Light Technology, Inc. (NL) has announced that it is enhancing its corporate enterprise product offering to provide corporate intranets with access to the company's search technology. Enterprise clients who license Northern Light's Special Collection or other premium content sources can now include, at no incremental cost, a customized Search box on their corporate intranet sites.

NL's enterprise customers have the option of selecting a customized Search box to be imbedded directly into their corporate intranets, or access to the full applications programming interface (API) documentation for full control of the look and feel of the search forms and results display.

In a separate news release, NL announced a strategic alliance with Sopheon, an international knowledge management software and services company, to provide access to Sopheon's Intota scientific and technical expert network through NL's Web search engine. Through Intota, experts in the specific areas of science, technology, engineering, and industry are available to answer questions through confidential telephone or e-mail consultation, and to provide extended consultation on projects. Service costs can be paid directly online with a credit card.

Searchers on Northern Light can now use specialized Power Search or Business Search forms and limit a search to "expert biographies" for access to the co-branded Web site ( Once on the site, a user can do additional searches and locate expertise, or browse by any of 33,000 subject areas in science and technology. Upon selecting an expert, the user is shown a complete description of the expertise offered and can ask a question or post a project for the expert's review.

Source: Northern Light Technology, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 617/621-5100;
Web Applications

Mondosoft, Inc. Unveils MondoSearch 4.1
Mondosoft, Inc. has announced the availability of MondoSearch version 4.1, a site-search engine for large Web sites and intranets.

Some of the features for the new version include full support for intranets, indexing and searching of Adobe PDF files, indexing and searching of Microsoft Office files, split-page functionality that brings a person directly to the part of the document in which the search term is located, and a tracking module that provides Web site owners with information such as what terms users searched and whether their searches were successful.

Pricing for MondoSearch depends on the number of pages on the site, starting at about $150 per month for up to 200 pages for hosted applications or $800 for an individual site license.

Source: Mondosoft, Inc., New York, 212/509-2042;

Add Life to Your Site with Animation Tool
Blaze International, Ltd., headquartered in Australia, has announced the launch of its famous3D Producer software, available on

Optimized for efficient display over a 28.8-Kb/sec. Internet connection, famous3D Producer empowers Web developers to create realistic virtual characters to humanize the Net. They are powered by text, and can be brought to life using a unique emotional markup system.

With the free downloadable demo version, developers can select a head model from a library of realistic and fantasy heads, enter text and emotional markup, generate HTML, and upload the files to the free streaming service. The full, unrestricted version costs $795 and can be purchased from the famous3D Web site. For more information, visit

Source: Blaze International, Ltd. (U.S. office), San Francisco, 415/835-9445;
Systems Utilities

Program Diagnoses Windows PC Problems
Prism Microsystems, Inc. has announced an enterprise-class software package called WhatChanged for Windows. This intuitive Change Browser can help you to find out what has changed when a previously working machine suddenly experiences problems.

According to the president of the company, "It's like an X-ray machine for Windows systems. It significantly increases your ability to diagnose and fix problems rapidly...."

Both the Standalone and Enterprise editions of WhatChanged for Windows support MS Windows 98/Millennium and NT/2000. A trial version of the software is available at

Source: Prism Microsystems, Inc., Columbia, MD, 410/381-1515;

New Software Helps to Manage the Network, Ltd. has announced Network Inventory Manager, which helps administrators document and manage the organization's IT assets, ensure software legitimacy, and provide detailed performance reporting and monitoring.

Network Inventory Manager for Windows platforms documents the information needed by network administrators including information on the logical networks, machines, parts, contacts, software media, software licensing, miscellaneous product, and activity. In addition, the system provides detailed reports on the history and status of the network, the total cost of ownership, and performance analysis.

The product features a fully customizable interface, uses standard Access 2000 databases, and comes with 27 built-in reports. It also offers bar code integration, alarms and task management, templates and software packages, and integrated contact management, which allows administrators to associate users, technicians, and managers with tasks, events, and equipment.

Network Inventory Manager costs $245 for a single user license and $695 for a site license.

Source:, Ltd., Wilmington, DE;
Filtering Options

Firewall Servers Offers New iSentry Filters
Firewall Servers has announced iSentry, its new line of content filtering network appliances that, according to the company, overcomes many of the deficiencies seen in comparable older products.

Both full names and IP addresses are included in the system database, for more accurate and reliable blocking results. Currently the database can block more than 200 million Web pages, arranged in broadly defined categories. It is continuously updated with specially designed Net spiders optimized for this application. Each detected site is automatically filtered for content and checked for duplication or alteration if already listed. Then, screened "candidate sites" are reviewed by skilled human analysts before being added to the master database. 

The company reports that iSentry appliances are easy to install and administer. Operators can select site blocking by using predefined categories, by individual URLs, or by user-defined categories; dynamically add or delete listings; designate levels of access; and specify blocking rules for designated groups of users. iSentry also includes a set of 33 predefined reports, which can be customized. This dedicated system does not use existing network server resources.

The iSentry system is priced at $3,195, which includes an unlimited amount of user chairs, unlimited free e-mail customer support for 1 month, and daily filter database upgrades for 1 year.

Source: Firewall Servers, Houston, 800/995-6664, 713/464-2990;

Computers By Design Releases CybrarySafe
Computers By Design has announced the release of CybrarySafe, an Internet access management tool for libraries and educational institutions that provides safe, filtered, and relevant access to the Internet.

Instead of the library bearing the burden of deciding what young users should and should not be able to see on the Internet, CybrarySafe is a tool for parents to help them decide what level of Internet access is appropriate for their children. Using CybrarySafe, parents can sit down alone or with their children to browse through the lists of acceptable sites included in the CybrarySafe program. Parents can then choose levels of access by selecting a combination of groups of sites or individual sites that they want their child to have access to. Should a desirable site not be included in the lists of predetermined sites, parents can manually add their own sites to the list. Once the lists are determined, CybrarySafe creates a unique profile for each child, which is then linked to the child's borrower record. From that point on, each time the child logs in, his profile is automatically loaded and he has access to only those sites that his parent has determined are relevant. By linking the profile to an individual as opposed to a "one size fits all" approach, libraries and schools can offer their users flexibility.

Libraries and schools simply install CybrarySafe on any or all of their computers that are used for public access. The rest is up to the parents. Frequent updates to the lists of sites are available from the company as more sites are added. Parents may make changes to their children's profile at any time.

Source: Computers By Design, Nesconset, NY, 800/THE-TOWN;
New Databases

Columbia's Gazetteer of the World Is Online
Columbia University Press has announced Gazetteer Online, its source for geographical information based on the award-winning three-volume Columbia Gazetteer of the World.

Gazetteer Online ( can be searched by any word or set of descriptors, not just by place name, to summon and segment the places of the world that meet the searcher's criteria. The parameters of the search are the user's choice: former, alternate, or current place name; type of place; size; location; or even natural resources, economic activity, cultural significance, political role, or historic importance. Because the entries have their descriptors and relevant geographical statistics set in specific searchable fields, the Gazetteer Online can also be used to answer such questions as "Which rivers in North America are over 500 miles long?" or "Which cities in Europe have over 500,000 people?" Maps, atlases, globes, and satellite and aerial images present a picture of the shape of things—political units, cities, buildings, or the topography.

The online version will be continually updated, starting in July, and new features and entries will be added. The most significant initial enhancement will be the 2000 U.S. census data (with 1990 retained for comparison). On a monthly basis, editor Saul B. Cohen will contribute essays on places of importance in the news.

Source: Columbia University Press, New York, 212/459-0600;

Lexis-Nexis Offers Resource on U.S. Presidents
Lexis-Nexis has announced Access to Presidential Studies, an online resource for high school and college students and researchers that will provide historical information about all 43 U.S. presidents.

Users will be able to search and retrieve the complete text of inaugural addresses and State of the Union addresses, as well as scholarly articles dating back to George Washington's presidency. The Web-based reference will also house information from the Office of the President. Additional documents will be added during scheduled quarterly updates. Users can log on at

Access to Presidential Studies joins Access to Women's Studies, Access to African American Studies, and Guide to Microforms as the newest module of Lexis-Nexis History Universe.

Source: Lexis-Nexis Group, Dayton, OH, 800/227-9597;

SilverPlatter Information Releases MEDLINE+
SilverPlatter Information, Inc. has announced that it has released MEDLINE+, the company's new implementation of the U.S. National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database, on its Internet service.

According to the announcement, MEDLINE+ offers these additional benefits to the MEDLINE database: nearly 11 million citations including many brand new records; added fields and field-specific indexes, including a browsable Author index and an improved Journal Name field; weekly updates, accessible on the Internet service as soon as they become available; and dynamic links to electronic journals, holdings, and document delivery using SilverLinker.

MEDLINE+ will soon be available via DVD and QUIKdata, SilverPlatter's ftp service.

Source: SilverPlatter Information, Inc., Norwood, MA, 781/769-2599;

Thomson Enhances Its Research Bank Web
Thomson Financial has announced the release of Research Bank Web 1.5. Research Bank Web offers online delivery of the latest full-text and original-image research reports from the top investment banks, brokerage houses, market research firms, and trade associations. Now users can access all of Research Bank Web's features and reports from an integrated version of live and archive sites. In addition, new functionality makes it easier for users to precisely target the information they want, according to the announcement. 

This new version also incorporates the following features: free-text searching back to January 1999, NAICS industry tags and SIC mapping for more well-defined searching capabilities, a separate collection of Morning Meeting Notes, Table of Contents flags in the citation if a TOC is available, and Enhanced Express Searching that simulates the previous main search screen while providing a more streamlined search process that eliminates the middle steps.

Source: Thomson Financial, Boston, 617/856-4636;

CAS Enhances Offerings for Science Searchers
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has introduced a new service called eScience that will let scientists enlist the resources of the Web to expand on the results of a search in CAS information products.

According to the announcement, researchers can start with STN Easy to search a collection, and then click to use eScience to extend their searches to the Web. eScience resources offer users two popular search engines–Google, which scours the entire Web for the topic, and ChemIndustry, a specialized search engine for chemistry. eScience will also provide links to relevant scientific resources including science news from C & E News, the New York Times, Reuters, and Yellowbrix. CAS says it plans to make eScience available to users of SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, and STN products by year-end.

In a separate announcement, CAS says it will significantly expand the digital research environment for scientists by making the entire Chemical Abstracts collection back to 1907 available through all CAS electronic products.

Source: Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, OH, 800/753-4227, 614/447-3731;

SoftLine Announces New Delivery Platform
SoftLine Information has announced a new platform for Web delivery of its Ethnic NewsWatch, Ethnic NewsWatch: A History, GenderWatch, Diversity Your World, and Alt-PressWatch databases. Here is a brief overview of the features:

Users can search the entire Ethnic NewsWatch database (1990­forward; 700,000-plus articles) in a single search or limit their searches by intervals delineated on the screen or by publication date. The Ethnic NewsWatch: A History database can be included in this global search capability. Users may select either Simple or Advanced search screens. The search results will be listed by relevancy based on frequency and location of search results in the text. Extensive indexing adds to the accuracy. Results may also be sorted by publication date. Also, secondary searches can be performed from terms in articles or in bibliographic records.

Users are able to e-mail their search results in either HTML or text format. All publications can be linked to an online catalog and accessed directly.

Source: SoftLine Information, Inc., Stamford, CT, 800/524-7922, 203/975-8292;
Content Agreements

Institute of Physics Joins SwetsnetNavigator
Swets Blackwell has announced the addition of 34 journal titles from the Institute of Physics Publishing to SwetsnetNavigator, the company's electronic journal service. Online access to abstracts and tables of contents, together with links to the full-text article, will be available from this publisher free in 2001 to SwetsnetNavigator customers with print subscriptions to the corresponding titles.

The Institute of Physics is an international learned society and professional body for the advancement and dissemination of pure and applied physics, as well as the promotion of physics education.

Source: Swets Blackwell, Lisse, Netherlands, 011-31-252-435-584;

CSA Adds Links to ERIC and BioOne Services
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts has announced that researchers doing a search on its Internet Database Service (IDS) bibliographic databases can now link their search results to full-text documents offered through E*Subscribe from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) and BioOne.

E*Subscribe provides access to more than 80,000 documents; BioOne provides access to 40 journals. Additionally, IDS subscribers can link from search results to full-text articles from more than 6,000 publications.

Source: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Bethesda, MD, 800/843-7751, 301/961-6700;

EBSCO Publishing Hosts New Databases Plus netLibrary's E-Books via EBSCOhost
EBSCO Publishing has announced that the Diversity Your World database, from SoftLine Information, is available via EBSCOhost. Diversity Your World contains over 120,000 articles, hundreds of which are in Spanish, from over 100 publications geared toward a variety of issues such as race, ethnicity, aging, gender, religion, disabilities, and more. It also contains bibliographic, subject, type of article, and type of publication indexing; beginner and advanced Web interfaces; printing and download options; and free-text searching.

In addition, EBSCO has announced the availability of ATLAS Full Text Plus via EBSCOhost. Compiled by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA), ATLAS Full Text Plus is the complete ATLA Religion Database with links to the full text of the cited articles. Areas of coverage include biblical studies, archaeology, theology, philosophy, ethics, comparative religions, pastoral ministry, and missions.

In a separate announcement, EBSCO Publishing announced that it now offers access to netLibrary e-books to U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities via EBSCOhost. The netLibrary link can be found on the result list when conducting an EBSCOhost search, and allows the user to launch a netLibrary search. Users who are already authenticated to netLibrary will not have to re-authenticate when launching a netLibrary search from within EBSCOhost.

The 16 academic e-book collections from netLibrary that represent the most popular e-book subjects available are accessible for academic users. These collections, which comprise a fraction of the total netLibrary collection, feature high-quality content built around a specific subject area, including American history, science, economics, medicine and allied health, and more.

Source: EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich, MA, 800/653-2726, 978/356-6500;

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