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Vol. 22, No. 1 • January 2002

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ITI Announces Dates for InfoToday 2002
Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced that the annual InfoToday conference and exhibition will take place May 14­16, 2002, at the New York Hilton and Towers in New York City.

Last year the InfoToday event replaced the National Online Meeting, which had served the needs of information professionals and the information industry for over 20 years.

The new InfoToday event now blends sessions for the traditional National Online Meeting audience of information professionals, librarians, and researchers with new programming designed for knowledge management practitioners and implementers. A global conference and exhibition, InfoToday features three core conferences: National Online 2002, KnowledgeNets 2002, and E-Libraries 2002.

InfoToday 2002 is managed and organized by Information Today, Inc.

Source: Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 609/654-6266;

Tool Factory Releases Software That Explores Major Religions of the World
Tool Factory, Inc. has released a pair of CD-ROMs, Aspects of Religion and Exploring World Religions, that show contemporary issues in relation to eight major belief systems: Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

Users can enter "rooms" in which they examine the places of worship and pilgrimage, the holy writings, special days, people, and beliefs. They can meet children from each faith and listen as they give a tour of their lives, including their schooling, diet, rituals, and holidays. According to the company, Aspects of Religion and Exploring World Religions give students a closer look at many religions they may know little or nothing about, guiding them to greater tolerance and even appreciation for different belief systems. The multimedia format with over 1,000 photographs, maps, illustrations, and pages of text, as well as many personal interviews, presents important information in a modern format.

Source: Tool Factory, Inc., East Dorset, VT, 800/220-8386;

Jones Services Available in Components
Jones e-global library, a Jones Knowledge, Inc. company, has announced that it will be "unbundling" its services to meet the needs of libraries looking for supplemental online library resources, in addition to offering its full suite of services.

The decision to offer individual library services was a matter of talking with professional librarians, according to the company. Jones e-global library now offers the following products separately: Research Guides, Internet Resource Collection, Government Resources, Online Tutorials, Document Delivery Resources, Financial Aid, and Career Development.

Designed and maintained by professional librarians, this suite of research tools can be customized to meet the specific needs of any institution.

Source: Jones Knowledge, Inc., Englewood, CO, 800/453-5663;

Rocketinfo Releases News Search Engine
Rocketinfo, Inc. announced that it has launched RocketNews, a resource for current news on the Internet. RocketNews is a current news search engine and news distribution service that finds and delivers the latest online news about companies, industries, products, events, and people.

The program continuously searches every link on thousands of major online news sources, national newspapers, city newspapers, news wires, magazines, trade publications, and corporate press releases. The RocketNews Enterprise Server can also search your proprietary content, subscription content, databases, and e-mail—virtually any digital content, according to the company.

Source: Rocketinfo, Inc., Ottawa, 877/402-4636, 613/232-4636;

VTLS Introduces the Chameleon iPortal
VTLS, Inc. has announced the Chameleon iPortal, an aggregate Web service for libraries that casts a wide net for capturing information via multiple Internet channels and search engines. VTLS says that although its flexibility makes it appealing to all types of users (hence the name "Chameleon"), the new service caters to those who want immediate access to a broad range of online resources associated with a defined subject area or the area of their particular interest.

According to the company, this product represents an extension of the features of Virtua ILS—Integrated Library Systems Chameleon Gateway. In addition to Chameleon Gateway's features, the Chameleon iPortal will provide "drop-in/pull-out" (DIPO) components that will allow for items such as easy access to subscription or external databases and simple-to-construct "canned" searches into a library's collection. The Chameleon iPortal provides enhanced methods of searching, including thesaurus searches, selective dissemination of information (SDI), and extended bibliographic services (XBS).

Source: VTLS, Inc., Blacksburg, VA, 540/557-1200;

Compaq Delivers Enterprise Storage System
Compaq Computer Corp. has announced The StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array, called Enterprise, the company's new virtual RAID solution.

According to the press release, Enterprise supports strategic growth platforms and applications, Universal Network Storage, disk-based backup and recovery, rich media optimization, global storage networking, ultra-high performance, availability and scalability, and simplified management.

The system features include optimization for global storage networking, VersaStor Technology that enables Vraid, Vsnaps and Snapclones, LiteTouch Management, and Top Gun performance, availability and scalability.

Source: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, 281/514-0484;
Content Agreements

EBSCO and ISI Form a Linking Agreement
EBSCO Subscription Services and ISI have announced a linking agreement that provides researchers another avenue of access to scholarly information.

Users can link from the ISI Web of Science to the full text of articles contained on EBSCO Online.

According to the announcement, the agreement expands the linking capabilities of EBSCO's electronic journal access and management service. ISI Web of Science is part of ISI Web of Knowledge, a Web-based platform that combines journal, patent, proceedings, chemistry, and life sciences literature with Web resources and other scholarly data. According to the company, it offers Web access to approximately 8,600 journals and more than 6 million record links to full-text journal articles and other scholarly content.

Source: EBSCO Information Services, Birmingham, AL, 205/991-6600;

Questia Adds Princeton Press Collection
Questia Media, Inc. has announced that Princeton University Press, an independent publisher connected with Princeton University, has joined its list of publishing partners now totaling more than 235 houses. Questia expects to digitize and add to its collection more than 2,500 scholarly books in humanities and social sciences from the Princeton collection over the next 5 years. The Questia service, which launched in January 2001, now offers more than 65,000 books and journal articles, combined with a suite of powerful search and writing tools.

Source: Questia Media, Inc., Houston, 877/QUESTIA, 617/398-8111;

Infotrieve Forms Multiple Partnerships
Infotrieve has announced accords with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, American Society of Hematology, CRC Press, Turpion, Ltd., and Penn State University Press. According to the company, these new content agreements bring Infotrieve's total number of full-text documents available for download through its Web site to over 1.5 million.

Source: Infotrieve, Los Angeles, 800/721-8287;

California Digital Library and Berkeley Electronic Press Announce Partnership
The California Digital Library (CDL) and Berkeley Electronic Press have announced a partnership in which CDL will make a suite of electronic publishing tools from the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) available to University of California researchers. According to the press release, the tools enable rapid and low-cost creation, management, and online publication of electronic journals, discussion papers series, and other electronic forms
of scholarship.

The bepress technology will allow multiple "eprint" repositories in the social sciences to be created and integrated, thus supporting the emergence of a primary source of information for students and researchers in either a specific or a broad-based academic discipline. University of California researchers interested in establishing a new electronic journal, preprint (i.e., non-refereed) series, or other form of scholarly communication will be able to customize their product's presentation, policies, and functionality.

The CDL, which partners with the University of California campuses in a continuing commitment to apply innovative technology to managing scholarly information, opened to the public in January 1999.

Source: Berkeley Electronic Press, Berkeley, CA, 510/981-0910;

Wiley Forges Partnership with EBSCO
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and EBSCO Subscription Services have reached an agreement to link EBSCO Online to more than 300 scientific, technical, medical, (STM) and professional journals available online through Wiley InterScience (

Wiley's STM programs encompass journals, encyclopedias, and electronic products in subjects such as the life and physical sciences, chemistry, statistics and mathematics, electrical and electronics engineering, and select medical areas with an emphasis on cancer medicine.

Source: EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich, MA, 800/653-2726, 978/356-6500;

Computers By Design Announces Strategic Partnership with iTeam Resources, Inc.
Computers By Design, Inc. has announced that it has formed a relationship with iTeam Resources, Inc. to release and market comprehensive public access computing solutions to the public library, college, university, and K-12 marketplace.

Megan Newell, president of iTeam Resources, stated that the relationship "integrates our state-of-the-art print cost recovery software with the premier reservation, time management, and security software on the market into one solution."

According to the company, iTeam Resources, Inc. offers public libraries, colleges, and universities a total solution from the automated library systems vendor to cost-recovery software, smart and magnetic card systems, currency and database payment methods, and consulting services.

Source: Computers By Design, Inc., Nesconset, NY, 800/THE-TOWN;
Web-Based Tools

LexisNexis and CARMA Form Alliance
LexisNexis and CARMA International, Inc., a leader in global media analysis, have announced an alliance to deliver a new Web-based tool for monitoring and evaluating media coverage of major corporations to the academic community.

The companies will leverage their complementary strengths to bring librarians, students, and faculty at business, journalism, and communications schools a new type of company analysis, enabling them to deepen and broaden their research on hundreds of the world's most visible global companies. Current users of CARMA's can tap into Web-based company analyses of over 700 of the world's leading companies across all business sectors, based on the frequency and type of media coverage of those companies. The analysis is based on more than 160,000 news articles on key topics. For LexisNexis, the alliance enhances the company's offerings in two key areas—academic and media.

Source: LexisNexis, Dayton, OH, 800/227-4908;

O'Reilly and Pearson Launch Safari Online
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. and the Pearson Technology Group (PTG), a division of Pearson, PLC, have announced a joint venture to launch a new online information retrieval service for the enterprise IT market. The venture's flagship service, Safari Tech Books Online, is a comprehensive information retrieval service.

With the new service, a user with an urgent question can search a topic, and get a list of all the references on that topic in the service, sorted by relevance. The user can then peruse the full text of relevant titles, chapters, and sections. By selecting titles to populate a custom library, organizations pay only for the Safari titles they use.

More than 600 leading IT titles are scheduled to be up on the site by 2002, with new titles being offered in conjunction with, or sometimes in advance of, their print publication date.

Safari currently offers enterprise-level IT departments a complimentary trial to the service for up to 10 users. Individual IT professionals interested in trying the service can access Safari Tech Books Online for just $9.99 per month through two leading IT sites: O'Reilly ( and Pearson's IT portal, InformIT (

Source: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938;
Enhanced Databases

Three of Gale Group's Educational Collections Released in New Versions
Three of Gale Group's online products for the school market have been released in new versions, featuring new interfaces, more functions, and more precise search results. Student Resource Center and Discovering Collection 1.1 have new Search options including a "Classroom Topics" field that pulls curriculum-related content. Topics include broad sweeps or subdivisions of Cultures, Geography, History, and Science and Health. A new "Tool Box" feature in both Discovering and Junior Reference helps kids hone their research and reporting skills. Junior Reference Collection, which mimics Discovering Collection's curriculum-based approach but aims at a middle-school audience, is now in version 2.0.

The new versions present students with results tabs organized by type of document—Reference, Primary Documents, or Multimedia elements—making it easy to narrow a broad search. A timeline search lets students view by year, by range of years or by event, and a Multimedia Gallery quickly delivers audio and video clips or images.

Within the Discovering Collection are 20 databases and seven encyclopedias—all are either new or revised—which include 11,500 biographies, 24,000 essays, 21,000 events, and 3,200 plot summaries.

To start a trial, send an e-mail to with contact information for your school.

Source: Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 800/877-4253, 248/699-4253;

West Group Adds PDF Investext Reports
West Group has announced that comprehensive, full-color, graphic Investext reports are now available on in their original Adobe Portable Document Format.

Investext reports, found in the INVSTXT-PDF database on, contain in-depth company and market analysis, opinions, and forecasts written by analysts who are recognized experts on targeted companies and industries. The reports are displayed with images, charts, graphs, and tables, appearing exactly as they were in the analyst's published document. Supplied by Thomson Financial, Investext PDF allows researchers to search the Investext database by company name, ticker symbol, report title, author, industry, and other fields. Reports are priced at $9.95 per page. Prior to printing, researchers can view a table of contents to determine the number of pages for any report.

Source: West Group, Eagan, MN, 800/328-7990, 651/687-7000;

The ATLA Upgrades Its Serials Collection
The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) has released a significant upgrade to ATLA Serials (ATLAS), a collection of more than 60 major religion and theology journals selected by foremost religion scholars in the U.S. The company supplies fully digitized texts of articles as far back as 1949, accompanied by subject indexing from the ATLA Religion Database, ATLA's index to articles, book reviews, and essay collections in theology and religion. Thousands of new images have been incorporated with indexing, and many new journals have been added to the collection, such as Asian Folklore Studies, International Review of Mission, Modern Theology, Muslim World, and Review and Expositor. The upgrade also has a new printing feature for entire journal articles.

Founded in 1946, ATLA is a scholarly, ecumenical, not-for-profit association dedicated to advancing and supporting theological librarianship and research in religion.

Source: American Theological Library Association, Chicago, 888/665-ATLA, 312/454-5100;
Company News

TheScientificWorld, ScienceWise to Merge
TheScientificWorld, Inc. has announced that it has acquired and will merge its operations with ScienceWise, Inc. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The merged companies, which have nearly 300,000 registered members, will combine their operations to employ more than 60 people. TheScientificWorld will link funding proposal applications (preparation, submission, and review) with scientific information and other resources. Users may publish their research findings for worldwide dissemination in the company's digital online peer-reviewed journal, TheScientificWorldJOURNAL.

The merged company has its headquarters in Boynton Beach, Florida, and offices in Washington, D.C., and in Oxford, U.K. The company has a direct-sales presence in several countries.

Source: TheScientificWorld, Inc., Boynton Beach, FL, 561/742-0068;

CourtLink Corp. Acquired by LexisNexis
LexisNexis and CourtLink Corp., a provider of Web-based services for electronically filing legal documents and accessing and monitoring court records, jointly announced that they have finalized the terms of a definitive agreement in which LexisNexis will acquire CourtLink.

The transaction is subject to, among other things, approval by CourtLink shareholders.

CourtLink will continue to operate from its Bellevue, Washington, headquarters after the acquisition, operating as a separate business unit of LexisNexis. With 90 courts online and over 1 million pages electronically filed and served per month, CourtLink's electronic filing service enables legal professionals to electronically file, serve, and process legal documents, as well as to maintain electronic case files. CourtLink electronic access services enable users to search and retrieve case information from more than 200 million court records in 1,400 federal, state, and local court systems through a single online source.

Source: LexisNexis, Dayton, OH, 800/227-4908;

ITI Acquires Magazine from Online, Inc.
Information Today, Inc. (ITI) announced that it has acquired ONLINE magazine from Online, Inc.

ONLINE magazine, now in its 25th year, serves the electronic information community. It publishes articles, reviews, news, and commentary for working information professionals, librarians, and other professionals who gather, manage, and use electronic information in corporate, academic, and government settings. Marydee Ojala, the editor of ONLINE magazine, has agreed to remain at her post as editor and has joined the ITI editorial team.

Source: Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 800/300-9868, 609/654-6266;

Gale Acquires Zeller's IBZ and ITI's American Men and Women of Science
Gale Group has acquired the IBZ (Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriften/International Bibliography of Periodicals) list from Zeller Verlag and the biographical directory American Men and Women of Science from Information Today, Inc. in separate transactions. Terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

The IBZ list contains bibliographic databases of over 2.5 million records covering 6,000 European and overseas periodicals in 23 languages. According to the company, the content complements Gale's mainly English-language InfoTrac coverage in similar subject areas of humanities and social sciences. IBZ will continue to operate out of its Osnabruck, Germany, editorial office, and will be managed by Gale's KG Saur unit, whose offices are also in Germany.

American Men and Women of Science, originally published by R.R. Bowker, is a source for scientific biography containing 120,000 entries. While Gale will continue the print editions, it will also integrate the content into its online Biography Resource Center. Editorial responsibilities for American Men and Women of Science will move to Gale's headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Source: Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 800/877-4253;

OCLC Makes Offer to Purchase netLibrary
OCLC has announced that it has made an offer to purchase substantially all the assets of netLibrary and assume certain netLibrary liabilities, subject to the approval of the bankruptcy court. Concurrently, netLibrary announced that it has voluntarily filed a petition with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

netLibrary develops and markets eBooks and MetaText digital textbooks. According to the announcement, netLibrary's catalog now contains approximately 40,000 titles covering a wide range of subject areas such as business, economics, technology, the social sciences, and more.

netLibrary also markets MetaText digital textbooks, which includes more than 160 interactive, Web-based textbooks.

Source: OCLC, Dublin, OH, 800/848-5878, 614/764-6000;
Library Automation

Sagebrush Announces Athena 9.1 in Beta
Sagebrush Corp., a solutions provider for the K-12 library market, has announced that the latest update for Athena is in beta.

The update incorporates several new features, such as booking titles in advance to ensure availability of materials; improving due date overrides; setting hourly loan periods; specifying a maximum fine amount; generating and e-mailing patron status reports and circulation summaries when an item is placed on hold, booked in advance, checked out, or a fine payment is made; renewing items by bar code number; printing item bar code labels in shelf list order; and spell checking text entered in the Easy Entry or MARC Entry screens and while searching the online catalog.

The 9.1 release will also allow users to extract patron or catalog data along with current or statistical circulation data. These data sets can be used in external programs like report generators for users' reporting needs. It will feature enhanced reading program searches that can limit quick, advanced or visual searches to reading program levels and point values, and the ability to print reports to a tab-delimited text file that can be viewed and modified in most word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Source: Sagebrush Corp., Minneapolis, 800/533-5430;

Computers By Design Upgrades CybraryN
Computers By Design, Inc. has announced the release of the CybraryQ, the newest addition to the CybraryN line of library management software products. CybraryQ automates public access computer waiting lists and replaces paper-based sign-up sheets.

According to the company, CybraryQ features privacy protection for patrons, duplicate checking to prevent the same alias from being used more than once on the current list, administrative override, and multiple queues within the library or across branches.

The company has also announced upgrades of its CybraryN public access computer management software and CybraryRSVP computer reservation software. The new release of CybraryN offers user authentication, time control, computer security, and detailed reporting for public access computers. It also comes with an "auto-snooze" feature that will automatically extend a user's time if there are other computers that are currently not in use.

The new version of CybraryRSVP allows customers to reserve library public access computers in advance. According to the company, the software now allows the library to group computers together by location or service function, provides improved administrative functionality, and has a look-up feature that makes it easy for a customer or a staff member to search the reservation database for a particular reservation.

Source: Computers By Design, Inc., Nesconset, NY, 800/THE-TOWN;
New Books

O'Reilly Book Explains Visual Basic .NET
O'Reilly has published VB .NET Language in a Nutshell, by Steven Roman, Ron Petrusha, and Paul Lomax (ISBN: 0-596-00092-8, $34.95), a guide to Microsoft's recently upgraded Visual Basic (VB) programming language.

To ease the transition to VB .NET, the book goes beyond the bare details provided in the official documentation and includes the inside information that programmers need to solve problems or use particular elements effectively. The book provides complete documentation for the VB .NET language, including all of the new language elements. Following a quick introduction, the first part of the book focuses on the important areas of programming VB .NET, including variables and data types, an introduction to object-oriented programming, .NET Framework general concepts, the .NET Framework Class Library, delegates and events, and error handling. The bulk of the book then consists of an alphabetical reference to the functions, statements, directives, objects, and object members that make up the VB .NET language.

Source: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938;

ALA Releases a Book on Usability Testing
ALA Editions has announced Usability Testing for Library Web Sites: A Hands-On Guide, by Elaina Norlin and CM! Winters (ISBN: 0-8389-3511-7, $32, $28.80 for ALA members). According to the publisher, this book helps librarians determine, in a systematic way, how well their Web sites are performing for their customers. It shows readers how to apply the best practices of usability testing in order to gauge how well new and trained users navigate the site, how effective the site is at pointing users to information, and whether or not users are motivated to use the technology.

The authors explain not only the process of performance usability testing, but also creating allies among decision makers to support testing, revisions inspired by collected data, and cost management.

Source: ALA Editions, American Library Association, Chicago, 800/545-2433;

Neal-Schuman Provides Distance-Ed Manual
Neal-Schuman has announced Providing Library Services for Distance Education Students: A How-To-Do-It Manual, by Carol F. Goodson (ISBN: 1-55570-409-3, $59.95). This book offers step-by-step guidance for libraries developing or improving services for remote students. It gives librarians an overview of distance education delivery systems and trends, plus the requirements of various accrediting associations and professional guidelines to help them better understand the distance education environment.

The author covers relationships between distance learning services and the interlibrary loan unit, collection development, record keeping, copyright compliance, and document delivery (physical and electronic).

A companion Web site offers readers recommended resources for creating and improving services.

Source: Neal-Schuman, New York, 212/925-8650;

O'Reilly Publishes Book About XSLT
O'Reilly has announced XSLT, by Doug Tidwell (ISBN: 0-596-00053-7, $39.95). According to the announcement, the book explains Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformations (XSLT), and is meant for anyone who has to share structured data.

XSLT is a powerful language for transforming XML documentsinto other formats, such as HTML,Adobe PDF, Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), Java, and JPEG. Tidwell gives developers a tutorial and reference guide to the language.

XSLT includes practical, real-world examples that show how to apply XSLT style sheets to XML data. The book offers explanations of XSLT and XPath and their relationship to other Web standards, along with recommendations for a honed toolkit in an open, platform-neutral, standards-based environment.

Source: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938;

Libraries Unlimited Announces a Book That Evaluates Textual Database Content
Libraries Unlimited has released Content Evaluation of Textual CD-ROM and Web Databases, by Péter Jacsó, part of the Database Searching Series (ISBN: 1-56308-737-5, $37).

This book provides guidelines for evaluating a variety of database types, including abstracting and indexing, directory, full-text, and page-image databases available in online or CD-ROM formats. Jacsó discusses the purpose and techniques of comparing and evaluating the most important characteristics of textual databases, such as their scope, dimensions, source coverage, record content, accuracy, consistency, currency, and completeness.

Evaluation models and procedures are given for widely used databases (e.g., Books In Print, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Library and Information Science Abstracts). Beyond traditional online and CD-ROM databases, the book illustrates the evaluation of the new Web-born information resources (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Electric Library, and Northern Light). Dozens of other databases are used to illustrate significant differences between purported similar coverage (e.g., PsycINFO and Mental Health Abstracts).

Source: Libraries Unlimited, Englewood, CO, 800/237-6124, 303/770-1220;

ALA Publishes a Collective Guide on How to Manage Your Electronic Reserves
ALA Editions has announced Managing Electronic Reserves, edited by Jeff Rosedale (ISBN: 0-8389-0812-8, $42, $37.80 for ALA members). In this new guide, a group of digital library experts shows you how to create and manage a top-notch electronic reserve program in your library.

The book covers a range of issues, such as the basics (in Q & A format) of starting up and maintaining electronic reserves; effective staffing; selection criteria for hardware, software, and vendor vs. "home-grown" decisions; evaluating your system once it's up and running; copyright in the digital library; and the future of electronic reserves.

According to the announcement, this reference is for anyone who manages an electronic reserves desk, helping decision makers take their systems to the next level, teaching them to use technology to leverage information, and showing them how to meet the expectations of an audience that wants 24/7 access.

Source: ALA Editions, American Library Association, Chicago, 800/545-2433;

O'Reilly Book Covers Windows 2000 DNS
For systems or network administrators, configuring, implementing, and maintaining the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) zones—the distributed database that allows us to identify machines by name—can be a formidable challenge. In DNS on Windows 2000, authors Matt Larson and Cricket Liu address the many new DNS functions that come with Windows 2000 (ISBN: 0-596-00230-0, $39.95).

This special edition of DNS and Bind covers general issues like installing, setting up, and maintaining the server, then focuses on issues specific to the Windows 2000 environment: integration between DNS and Active Directory, and converting from BIND to the Microsoft DNS Server and Registry settings. It pays special attention to security issues, system tuning, caching, and zone change notification. It also covers issues such as troubleshooting and planning for growth.

Source: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938;

Que Publishing Releases 13th Edition of Popular Upgrading and Repairing PCs
Que Publishing has announced Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 13th Edition, by Scott Mueller (ISBN: 0789725428, $59.99). This edition contains hundreds of pages of new material covering the Intel Itanium and Pentium 4 processors, AMD's Athlon and Duron, and coverage of CD and DVD technology. A special troubleshooting index points you to the sections in the book that help you when you're trying to repair your PC.

The new edition includes four previous editions of the book in their entirety on an accompanying CD. The CD also contains nearly 2 hours of all-new video that shows you how to build a PC from the ground up, or to upgrade a single component. Along the way, the author tells you how each component works, how to choose the right parts, how to perform the upgrade safely, and what tools you will need to do the job right.

Source: Que Publishing, Indianapolis, 800/947-7700;

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