Computers in Libraries
Vol. 20, No. 1 • January 2000

ALA to Play a Role in the New Markle Foundation Project for Cyberdemocracy
The American Library Association (ALA) has announced the launch of a project to promote democracy in cyberspace with support from the Markle Foundation. This is part of a $1 million initiative to educate and involve the general public in Internet governance issues. The first phase of the project will be in connection with the upcoming elections for at-large board members of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The election will be the first global public vote that directly affects the emerging government of cyberspace. As part of the outreach project, Internet users will be encouraged to go to libraries to learn about ICANN, register as members, and vote in the board elections at the library. ALA says it will create a Web site and work to involve public libraries in educating the public about democracy and governance in cyberspace. The ALA Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), based at the association’s Washington, DC, office, will administer the project.

Source: American Library Association, Chicago, 312/280-5044; Fax: 312/944-8520;

Swets and CatchWord to Provide Electronic Publishing Services to Scholarly Publishers
CatchWord and Swets Subscription Service have announced an agreement to jointly provide electronic publishing services to research and scholarly publishers. CatchWord will supply Swets with the electronic publishing infrastructure and platform that will allow the company to provide a complete end-to-end electronic publishing service for its customers. The Swets electronic publishing service will incorporate production, hosting, distribution, and other value-added services such as reference linking to abstracting-and-indexing services, and will fully utilize the CatchWord global server network. The agreement enables Swets to offer a fully branded electronic publishing service along with its existing portfolio of services to publishers worldwide and provides CatchWord with extended reach to publishers.

Source: CatchWord, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U.K., 011-44-123-555-5877; Fax: 011-44-123-5536-5000;

Ameritech Library Services to Be Acquired by 21st Century Group, Green Leaf Ridge
Ameritech Library Services (ALS), 21st Century Group, LLC, and Green Leaf Ridge, LLC have announced an agreement under which Ameritech, a company of SBC Communications, Inc., will sell ALS to a private investment group led by 21st Century Group and Green Leaf Ridge Company. The transaction is subject to approval by the SBC Communications board of directors.

Ameritech Library Services supports more than 7,600 customer libraries worldwide with a broad spectrum of software and hardware solutions that are service oriented and Internet-enabled. The company will be renamed and will adopt a new logo in the near future. The acquisition, which was expected to be completed by the end of December 1999, includes all ALS global offices and its more than 520 employees. The company headquarters will remain in Provo, Utah.

Source: Ameritech Library Services, Provo, UT, 800/228-8020, 801/223-5200;

EBSCO Publishing Releases Its School ResourceNet, Adds New Images and Maps
EBSCO Publishing has announced the release of a complete Web-based learning environment, EBSCO School ResourceNet (ESRN). ESRN combines quality curriculum assessment and reference resources with management and communication tools. ESRN is designed to enhance the education process by offering standards-based learning applications that improve students’ comprehension in various subject areas. Through this program, schools can access EBSCO’s vast collection of popular reference databases as well as its learning applications. Educators, parents, and students can gain access to a variety of resources by visiting EBSCO’s new free Web site (

In a separate announcement, EBSCO announced that it has licensed materials that will improve the visual content of its Web-based reference databases. Over 10,000 photographs, licensed from Archive Photo, will be added to EBSCO’s collection of images. In addition to these photos, EBSCO will add a library of over 1,000 U.S. and world maps supplied by MapQuest.

Source: EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich, MA, 800/653-2726, 978/356-6500; Fax: 978/356-6565;

New Version of Computer Reference Released
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The Computer Language Company has announced that it is now shipping version 12.4 of its Computer Desktop Encyclopedia CD-ROM, which contains more than 14,000 definitions, illustrations, photographs, and diagrams and 900 additions/revisions from the previous quarter. The encyclopedia, also known as TechEncyclopedia, is available on the Web at and All definitions and most of the images are available online.

According to the announcement, the encyclopedia is the premier reference for the computer industry for novices and experts alike. It covers PCs, Macs, UNIX, networking, client/server, graphics, multimedia, Internet, Web, standards, major products and vendors, and more.

Source: Computer Language Company, Point Pleasant, PA, 215/297-8082;

OSI, EBSCO Create Information Consortium
According to an announcement from EBSCO Publishing, in an initiative called Electronic Information for Libraries Direct (EIFL Direct), libraries in 39 countries will have access to a wealth of electronic full-text journals. The company claims that EIFL Direct is the largest information consortium in the word. This initiative is a result of a joint project between the Open Society Institute (OSI), a part of the Soros foundations network, and EBSCO Publishing.

Countries in the consortium include 27 from Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, 10 from Southern Africa, plus Guatemala and Haiti. All academic, research (noncorporate), medical, national, and public libraries in these countries are welcome to join the consortium. EBSCO will supply five databases to members of EIFL Direct: Academic Search Elite, Business Source Premier, MasterFILE Premier, Newspaper Source, and Comprehensive MEDLINE with FullTEXT.

Source: EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich, MA, 800/653-2726, 978/356-6500; Fax: 978/356-6565;

CybraryN Software Has Been Upgraded
Computers By Design, Inc., a developer of public access control and reporting software, has announced the new release of CybraryN, a complete public access control solution for Windows PCs. According to the company, CybraryN provides systems administrators with state-of-the-art tools to drastically reduce maintenance of public access computers while preventing inexperienced or malicious users from installing software, accessing restricted files, or changing system settings.

In response to increasing deployment of public access computers, additional administrative functions have been included in the new release, such as new third-party  authentication support; Smart Save Technology, which prevents patrons from writing to the hard drive; and improved reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Source: Computers By Design, Inc., Nesconset, NY, 516/724-5000; Fax: 516/724-5001;

Northern Light Debuts New Ranking Technology for Relevant Search Results
Northern Light Technology, Inc. has announced a new generation of relevancy ranking technology that provides users with the most relevant results from their Web searches. Northern Light’s second generation of relevancy ranking algorithms adds the use of various hypertext link information or link popularity to the other factors the engine already considers, including statistical measures such as query term frequency, word context information, document title, document classification, and natural-language analysis. Link popularity adds to these factors a measure of site quality based on the number of links to the site. In this way, the editorial information provided by the page’s author is automatically factored into the relevancy of the document.

Source: Northern Light Technology, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 617/621-5100;

Aries Systems’ Enhanced Knowledge Finder Search Engine Offers Interactive Features
Aries Systems Corp. has announced the enhancement of its Web search engine, Knowledge Finder, with new features that encourage interaction between medical  professionals and librarians on the Internet. The new version allows users to mark bibliographic records and e-mail document requests to librarians. One of the supported e-mail formats is QuickDOC, a software package that is used by more than 30 percent of medical librarians to manage interlibrary loans. Knowledge Finder allows the display of library journal holdings and supports export of marked records to personal bibliographic software such as EndNote.

Source: Aries Systems Corp., North Andover, MA, 978/975-7570; Fax: 978/975-3811;

ISI ResearchSoft Ships ProCite Version 5
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ISI ResearchSoft has announced that it has released a new upgrade to its ProCite software, which transforms the bibliographic program into an online research tool allowing users to search remote bibliographic databases on the Internet. According to the announcement, ProCite 5 adds an important new feature to the information toolbox—the ability to access reference data on the Internet and easily incorporate it into personal databases and documents.

ISI ResearchSoft reports that with ProCite 5, building a database is quite easy. The new program ships with more than 200 Internet Host files, which instantly link the user to Internet databases such as university card catalogs, the Library of Congress, and more specialized databases such as PubMed, PsycINFO, and ERIC from popular providers such as Ovid Technologies, SilverPlatter, and OCLC. This new feature enables ProCite users to standardize on one interface to search for bibliographic data in a broad selection of databases worldwide.

ProCite 5 also offers improvements to its Cite While You Write technology, which allows users to view complete references and to click-sort on the column headings for easy access to their references.

Source: ISI ResearchSoft, Berkeley, CA, 800/554-3049, 510/559-8592;

SPARC Endorses Two New Science E-Journals
The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has announced the endorsement of the New Journal of Physics and the Internet Journal of Chemistry. The two journals are now part of SPARC’s Leading Edge program, which supports community-based electronic ventures in science publishing. Leading Edge projects use technology and innovative business models to provide scientists with better ways to disseminate their research.

The New Journal of Physics ( is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal available at no charge to readers via the Internet. The Internet Journal of Chemistry (, created by an independent group of chemists in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany, uses the Internet to offer information in greater depth than paper journals and in ways that can be better understood by chemists.

Source: Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition, Washington, DC, 202/296-2296; Fax: 202/872-0884;

Chancery Supplies Webivore MARC Records
Chancery Software, Ltd. has announced that, due to a new alliance with Webivore Knowledge Systems, it is now offering Library Pro 2 customers three special curriculum-based sets of URLs in MARC record format that will help students in elementary, middle, and high schools access useful Web sites for research projects. According to the announcement, the Chancery Webivore MARC Records are high-quality Web sites that have been preselected and categorized in terms of subject matter, accuracy, and credibility.

Webivore Knowledge Systems (WKS) of Boston sells K-12 media center subscriptions to a Web-based service that accesses thousands of MARC records for high-quality Web sites. Chancery’s agreement with WKS gives exclusive rights that allow Chancery’s Library Pro 2 customers to download the Chancery Webivore MARC Records directly from Chancery’s Web site and import them into their Library Pro 2 databases.

Source: Chancery Software, Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada, 800/999-9931, 604/294-1233;

LC Launches Its New Web-Braille Service
The Library of Congress (LC) has announced that Braille readers can now read books on the Internet, thanks to its technological breakthrough called Web-Braille. Web-Braille offers access to more than 2,700 electronic Braille books on the Internet for the use of eligible Braille readers by the LC’s National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Each year, hundreds of new titles will be added.

As a result of new computer technology, Braille readers may now access Web-Braille digital Braille book files with a computer and a refreshable Braille display or a Braille embosser. These 2,700 book titles are available on the Internet for download or online use by eligible individuals, libraries, and schools with a computer and a Braille-output device. LC also produces Braille versions of many national magazines and is now exploring the feasibility of adding these to Web-Braille.

Source: Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 202/707-2905; Launched as Portal for Users
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Davidzon Network Technologies has announced the launch of (, which offers users an unbiased forum for discussions and information sharing, since more and more users are discovering the Linux operating system as a viable alternative to high-priced operating systems.

According to the announcement,’s Webmaster hopes that this site will attract Linux enthusiasts, regardless of proficiency level, experience, or expertise. As this goal is accomplished, registered and new users will come to rely on each other as experts, seeking technical support and assistance in an unmoderated setting. The site is structured around users’ suggestions, comments, and ideas.

Source: Davidzon Network Technologies, Farmington, MI, 248/390-7353;

GSM Launches Medical Curriculum Web Site
Gold Standard Multimedia, Inc. (GSM), a publisher of medical and reference software, has announced that it has launched Integrated Medical Curriculum, a product that links together the studies of anatomy, physiology, histology, immunology, medical ethics, and pharmacology all on a single Internet site. Located at, users can dissect cadavers online, examine cellular biology through a digital microscope, animate complicated physiologic processes, look at radiographs without a lightbox, explore challenging and controversial medical ethical issues, obtain up-to-date clinical drug information, test their medical knowledge with online quizzing, earn continuing education credits, and more. The Integrated Medical Curriculum site provides health-care students and professionals, as well as consumers, with access to a unique core collection of medical education materials, absolutely free.

Source: Gold Standard Multimedia, Inc., Tampa, FL, 813/258-4747;

Journals@Ovid Links to BIOSIS Previews
Ovid Technologies, Inc. has announced the implementation of extensive hyperlinking between BIOSIS Previews and Journals@Ovid, Ovid’s aggregated database of hundreds of scientific, technical, and medical journals. Links from the following U.S. National Library of Medicine databases—Aidsline, CancerLit, HealthStar, and BioethicsLine—have also been added. As well as being able to start searches in BIOSIS Previews and go directly to the full text, Ovid’s links allow users to go from one full-text article to another via the references in that article. The references in the full-text articles also link back to bibliographic citations.

Source: Ovid Technologies, Inc., New York, 212/563-3006; Fax: 212/563-3784;

Hoover’s, Inc. Teams with, Gomez Advisors for Company Information
Hoover’s, Inc., publisher of Hoover’s Online, has announced two new partnership agreements. Under the terms of its agreement with (,  Hoover’s Online visitors can access’s Employer Reports, which offer an insider view of a company for the benefit of job seekers and researchers needing insight into a company’s corporate culture. Hoover’s and maintain an e-commerce relationship, and offers its visitors the opportunity to search Hoover’s Online for Hoover’s Company Capsules. As part of the agreement with Gomez Advisors (, Hoover’s Online provides the most recent Gomez Advisors Internet Broker Scorecard and a link to in the Stocks section of the Hoover’s Online Money channel.

Source: Hoover’s, Inc., Austin, TX, 512/374-4500; Fax: 512/374-4501;

OneSource Implements Its New CRM Initiative
OneSource Information Services, Inc. has announced a new initiative to deliver company information in Business Browser through leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Onyx Software Corp. and Pivotal Corp. are the inaugural partners. As traditional CRM applications move to the Web, successful sales forces need to integrate more external information such as company profiles, news, financial data, industry information, executive biographies, and analyst reports. With the OneSource program, sales professionals using CRM tools from leading providers such as Onyx and Pivotal will be able to access Business Browser from within the CRM application, giving them the comprehensive business information they need to complement the internal data.

Source: OneSource Information Services, Inc., Concord, MA, 800/554-5501, 978/318-4300; Fax: 978/318-4690;

EBSCO Subscription Services and SilverPlatter Provide Linking Capabilities
EBSCO Subscription Services and SilverPlatter Information, Inc. have announced that they now have seamless linking capabilities from citation records in SilverPlatter bibliographic databases (via SilverLinker technology) to full-text electronic journals accessible through EBSCO Online.

EBSCO customers have access to more than 3,600 electronic journals through EBSCO Online, and content is available from a number of publishers, including more than 350,000 articles from more than 30,000 individual issues. SilverLinker is SilverPlatter’s solution for the integration of bibliographic references and the corresponding full-text articles, wherever they exist. SilverLinker enables direct access from SilverPlatter’s bibliographic citation databases to thousands of Internet-available electronic journals and the full text of hundreds of thousands of articles.

Source: EBSCO Subscription Services, Birmingham, AL, 205/991-1368; and SilverPlatter Information, Inc., Norwood, MA, 781/769-2599;

Philips Ships Single-Chip DVD-ROM Drive
Philips Semiconductors has announced the world’s first single-chip solution for 12-speed DVD-ROM drives. In addition to high-speed DVD performance, the highly  integrated SAA7811 supports 56x CD-ROM access. Packaged in a single 208-lead quad flat pack, the SAA7811 combines a channel decoder, block decoder, servo control, and microcontroller functions. Even in lower-speed drives, this level of functionality previously required the use of several integrated circuits, Philips says. Built-in multimedia functions include playback of audio CDs at speeds greater than 1x using a DRAM buffer, IEC 60958 digital audio interfacing, and audio playback via an on-chip DAC with a 4x over-sampling filter and digitally controlled volume/muting.

Source: Philips Semiconductors, Indianapolis, 800/326-6586;

Kenwood 72X TrueX CD-ROM Drive Released
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Kenwood Technologies has announced the Kenwood 72X TrueX CD-ROM drive, its third high-performance drive based on Zen Research’s TrueX technology. The Kenwood 72X TrueX CD-ROM drive delivers a sustained transfer rate ranging from 6.75 MB/sec. to 10.8 MB/sec. across the entire disc. Like all TrueX CD-ROM drives, the 72X TrueX reads seven tracks of data in parallel. It employs Partial Constant Angular Velocity (PCAV) for optimum performance. Unlike a 56x “max” drive that rotates at over 11,000 rpm with excessive noise and vibration, the 72X TrueX drive’s design virtually eliminates vibration and noise while rotating at only 5,100 to 2,700 rpm. The drives are available at a suggested retail price of $129.95.

Source: Kenwood Technologies, Cupertino, CA, 408/863-6823;

TAC Launches Fast CD/DVD-ROM Networking
TAC Systems has announced its LANRedi Turbo, which it claims is the industry’s fastest CD/DVD-ROM mirrored network attached storage (NAS) appliance. LANRedi Turbo employs the latest in “slimserver” mirroring technology which boosts network throughput rates up to 7 MB/sec. and provides much faster access to mirrored CD/DVD-ROM images using hard disk drives instead of CD/DVD-ROM drives. This newest addition to the LANRedi family broadens the range of traditional CD-ROM tower applications to include true multimedia—audio, video, images, and data. List pricing for LANRedi Turbo ranges from $3,595 to $8,495.

Source: TAC Systems, Huntsville, AL, 800/659-4440;

Yamaha Re-Engineers Its CRW8424 Drive
The new CRW8424 CD-RW drive from Yamaha Systems Technology has been completely redesigned to correct some problems with the original version of the unit. The new drive will write at 8x, rewrite at 4x, and read at 24x normal speed. The SCSI version is available now; the ATAPI version will follow soon.

The new optical head of the Yamaha CRW8424 is designed by Yamaha to assure optimum recording quality, and reflects the company’s 10 years of experience in the CD recorder industry. According to the announcement, the CRW8424 boasts true, sustained 8x recording. Also new is a 4-MB buffer to assure reliable, high-speed data transfer.

Source: Yamaha Corporation of America, Buena, CA, 714/522-9000;

PrimeArray Releases New CD/DVD Servers
PrimeArray Systems, Inc. has announced that it has released its new Netserve family of CD and DVD-ROM network attached servers. According to the company, the new Netserve models combine the convenience and flexibility of multiple direct-access CD or DVD drives with the performance and cost-effectiveness of hard-drive storage for disc images.

Features include CD image cache capacity equivalent to 27 to 140 CDs (DVDs can also be cached); eight to 24 CD or DVD read mechanisms; dramatically increased access speeds compared to traditional CD-ROM servers; access to both PC and Mac format CDs; hot swappable drives; and backplane-based architecture. In addition, the system caches and shares automatically; installs in minutes; displays networked CDs as subdirectories under one volume; and supports Windows 95/98/NT, Novell NDS, Macintosh, UNIX, ftp, and Web clients. All CD and DVD content is accessible via Web browser.

Source: PrimeArray Systems, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/433-5133, 781/937-3910;

Winnebago Develops Spectrum Union Catalog
Winnebago Software Company has announced the release of Spectrum Union Catalog, a client/server program providing access to the complete holdings of a district or library consortium/alliance through a unified database. This new product allows access to a wider selection of materials through interlibrary loan.

With Spectrum Union Catalog, patrons can search the material records of one library or many libraries simultaneously, regardless of the automation system each library uses. Spectrum Union Catalog also allows districts or consortia the option of performing central or site-based data management.

Spectrum Union Catalog requires a Windows NT Web server with IIS (Internet Information Server). In addition, a district or consortium may choose to use Novell 4.x, Novell  5.x, Windows 95/98, or Windows NT for a database server.

Source: Winnebago Software Company, Caledonia, MN, 800/533-5430, 507/724-5411;

SydneyPLUS Introduces New Global Editor, New Web OPAC Module Portal Capabilities
SydneyPLUS International has announced that it is introducing a new Global Editor feature in its Cataloging module. According to the announcement, librarians will soon be able to search for text in any field in the library catalog and replace it with new text (with the exception of the authority and thesaurus fields). An option that enables librarians to confirm each text replacement can be toggled on or off, giving them full control of where text is replaced.

In a separate announcement, SydneyPLUS announced that it has expanded the role of its Web OPAC module to that of an information portal to an organization’s other information resources. SydneyPLUS says the Web OPAC module is a logical portal to relevant links, functions, and external resources within the organization. Users can now add links to other sites on their intranets or the Internet, or integrate hotlinks for commonly performed searches.

Source: SydneyPLUS International, Richmond, BC, Canada, 604/278-6717; Fax: 604/278-9161;

O’Reilly & Associates Releases New Resources
O’Reilly & Associates has announced the publication of several resources of interest to librarians. XML Pocket Reference by Robert Eckstein (ISBN: 1-56592-709-5, $8.95) is both a concise introduction to XML terminology and syntax, and a quick reference to XML instructions, attributes, entities, and data types. The JavaScript Application Cookbook by Jerry Bradenbaugh (ISBN: 1-56592-577-7, $34.95) provides users with ready-to-use applications that address common Web site needs, including a client-side search engine, online test administration, and cookie-based user profiles. The Whole Internet: The Next Generation by Kiersten Conner-Sax and Ed Krol (ISBN: 1-56592-428-2, $24.95) offers practical Internet advice for a broad range of users and features an Internet resource catalog, which spotlights the best sites on topics from children to sports to personal finance.

Source: O’Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938;

ITI Publishes New Title on Virtual Libraries
Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced the publication of The Evolving Virtual Library II: Practical and Philosophical Perspectives (ISBN: 1-57387-070-6, $39.50), edited by Laverna M. Saunders. Building and expanding on Saunders’ 1996 effort, this latest book uses case studies to show how academic, K-12, public, corporate, and special libraries are being transformed to meet the demand for online information access. With chapters by Saunders and nine other experts, The Evolving Virtual Library II explores key trends and issues in the digitization (and “Internet-ization”) of libraries. The book describes developments in computer networking, showcases solutions for remote users, illuminates promising online applications in all types of libraries, and offers a meaningful vision of the future.

Saunders is the dean of library, instructional, and learning support at Salem State College in Salem, Massachusetts, and a contributing editor of CIL. She has edited two previous books on the virtual library.

Source: Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 800/300-9868, 609/654-6266; Fax: 609/654-4309;

SIRS Adds National Archives Documents
SIRS Mandarin, Inc. has announced that National Archives Documents, a collection of visual resources highlighting major themes and events in U.S. history, have been added to the SIRS Government Reporter CD-ROM and Web databases. Taken from the holdings of the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA), National Archives Documents include reproductions of primary sources such as charts, photographs, letters, drawings, and posters illustrating key issues and prevailing public attitudes of a particular period.

National Archives Documents are grouped into historical units and often include glossaries, brief biographies, and timelines to put the documents in chronological perspective. Each unit also contains an annotated bibliography.

Source: SIRS Mandarin, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 561/994-0079; Fax: 561/994-4704;

Academic Press Launches New IDEAL
Academic Press has announced that IDEAL, its online scientific journal library, has been completely redesigned and updated with a new electronic content delivery system. Available to all licensees, this system is the primary IDEAL platform at

The new IDEAL content delivery system is Y2K-compliant and features a redesigned home page with customized access options, along with faster and simplified navigation. Added features include selected journals in full-text HTML and more links in and out of IDEAL from third-party providers. Users can link internally to other articles on IDEAL and link out from IDEAL to article references. IDEAL@Search, a robust and fast searching tool with an easy-to-use interface, is fully integrated into the system. IDEAL features, such as IDEAL@Alert, continue to be available.

Source: Academic Press, San Diego, 619/699-6362;

Inmagic Announces DB/TextWorks for Libraries
Inmagic, Inc. has announced the release of DB/Text for Libraries, a library-specific version of its new DB/TextWorks version 4.0, designed for information management on desktops and networks (Windows 95/NT). DB/Text for Libraries is specifically designed for the management of catalogs, serials, loans, and orders in corporate libraries. Its features include the use of scripts, translating into fewer keystrokes for serials check-in and circulation; forms and screens for use with Inmagic’s DB/Text WebPublisher, including a ready-designed OPAC layout for easy mounting of the catalog on the Web or intranet; shorter screens and less scrolling; improved “look and feel” of many operations; extra on-screen assistance, reducing user dependency on online help; and more statistical reports.

Free trial versions of Inmagic products and a listing of local resellers are available from the company’s Web site.

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 781/983-4442;

EOS International Announces Version 2.0 of Its Q Series Library Information System
Electronic Online Systems (EOS) International has announced the release of version 2.0 of its Q Series library information management and access system. Q Series version 2.0 activates the full functionality of authority control in the Cataloging module. This new release also provides libraries with the option of implementing the Q Series with Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system (RDBMS).

The Q Series authority control enhancements allow a library to easily import USMARC authority control records and set up all USMARC authority cross-reference types. Q Series authority controls enable the library to compare imported headings and cross-references to those found in their existing bibliographic records. A global search-and-replace is performed automatically among the records after a change is made to an authority control record. If desired, the Q Series setup controls allow staff to overlay and automatically update existing authority control records with more current ones.

Source: Electronic Online Systems International, Carlsbad, CA, 800/876-5484, 760/431-8400;

SIRSI Announces System for Small Libraries
SIRSI Corp. has announced the launch of a new integrated library system packaged specifically for small libraries. The turnkey system, called Unicorn QuikStart, includes a free Windows NT central server and special hotline, and provides the same full-function software that SIRSI installs at larger libraries.

QuikStart includes complete Unicorn Library Management System functions for bibliographic and inventory control, authority control, WebCat (Web-based Online Public Access Catalog) with ReferenceLIBRARIAN, circulation control, and SmartPORT (Z39.50 capture cataloging).

For a free, no-obligation price quote, visit SIRSI’s Web site.

Source: SIRSI Corp., Huntsville, AL, 256/704-7000; Fax: 256/704-7007;

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