Volume 20, Number 1 • January 2000
On the road again: presenting the Cybermobile to the world
by John Drumm & Frank Groom

Discusses the progress made on mobile library services, a concept referred to as the Cybermobile. Says any approach to mobile library services must take local conditions into account. Cites one example of an imaginative approach to overcoming the problems of time and distance from traditional library resources - the Camelmobile. Explains that Dr. S.K. Ng'ang described his attempt to bring literacy, education, and books to the nomadic population of northern Kenya on the backs of a set of roving camels. Describes other innovative approaches, such as those in Thailand and Australia. Says that Brian Hamilton, a Cybermobile coordinator, worked as the library liaison with a variety of community groups in putting the concept to work by teaching classes, which he describes as anything but dull. Expresses confidence that librarians will continue to be innovators, adapting new and old services to local conditions. Includes three photos and three graphs.
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