Volume 20, Number 1 • January 2000
3M unveils a major new library technology system
by Kathy Miller

Presents a profile of the new Digital Identification System from 3M Library Systems, which was announced during an international, interactive Webcast. Reports that it is a group of seven products used together to identify, track, and secure library materials. Consists of the 3M Digital Identification Tag, the 3M Conversion station, the 3M SelfCheck System, the 3M Staff Workstation, a Book Drop, an optional Sorter, and the 3M Digital Library Assistant. Explains how the components work together and says that it is easy to see why a system like this will save librarians time by doing the "everyday" work for them. Notes that the 3M Digital Library Assistant is a handheld scanner designed to work in the stacks and to simplify everyone's least-favorite types of tasks - shelfreading, inventory, and finding misplaced items. Concludes that it sounds like it will be a real winner for 3M. Includes two photos, one screen display, and one illustration.
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