Volume 20, Number 1 • January 2000
The impact of a library flood on computer operations
by Barbara Myles

Discusses recovery efforts taken after a water main break caused a flood in the basement of the Boston Public Library. Reports that the computer equipment consisted of 30 PCs, 16 printers, and a Novell 3.12 LAN, which were removed to a containment area for a few weeks to dry out and be inspected by insurance company representatives. Describes the problems that followed, including: motherboards that appeared clean and dry, but failing a month later; the LAN causing errors in another LAN; PCs that crashed; and the loss of all of the installation diskettes in the flood. Says that eventually new equipment was purchased and now the library has better technology than before the flood. Lists some steps shared from the experience that libraries can take to build a disaster recovery plan. Points out that Year 2000 contingency plans can be generalized so they will be appropriate for any disaster. Includes one sidebar and a list of references.
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