Volume 20, Number 1 • January 2000
Designing and managing your digital library — The digital library concept requires that libraries be information architects in order to build effective, scalable Web sites to...
by Kim Guenther

Discusses the digital library and defines "just in time," as applied to libraries, as information delivered where it is needed, when it is needed, in a format that is useful. Says that this strategy requires libraries to adopt 24/365 service and to offer services through the digital, electronic, or virtual library. Discusses standards and how to build a virtual library from the ground up, replacing bricks and mortar with bytes and bandwidth. Notes that the library on the Web requires blending product design and strategies that assess market viability and quality (customer profiling and data mining). Mentions using customized and personalized portals to bring communities together and provide users with a familiar and highly useful Web interface. Concludes that the digital library represents a viable alternative to the physical library's products and services. Includes one diagram, one screen display, and one sidebar.
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