Volume 20, Number 3 • February 2000
Bringing archives to life on the Web — The history of people long gone finds new life in this library's Web-based archival index
by Jeanne Holba Puacz

Discusses the challenge faced by the Vigo County Public Library of Terre Haute, Indiana, to make a local history collection more accessible to patrons both inside and outside of the library. Reports that they did not have the resources to undertake a mass digitization project and had to use the hardware, software, and staff already in place. Says that a solution was provided by indexing the archival resources and then converting them to HTML and posting to the Web site, along with printing them for use by the "computer-phobic." Observes that although this solution does not provide total electronic access to the archival collection, it enables library patrons to easily search the indexed sections of the archive and to request copies of materials located. Adds that patrons can now search archival material without risking the integrity of the fragile and rare items. Includes two photos, three screen displays, and a list of references.
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