Volume 20, Number 4 • April 2000
Planning for the next wave of convergence — Since waves of new technologies keep rolling in, it pays to understand the coming software paradigms and to plan to...
by Stephen Abram

Profiles a "future" technology that is already here, a convergence of technologies leading to software known as collaboration software. Explains that it combines communication abilities - voice, sight, real-time interaction, etc., - and will revolutionize things like knowledge sharing, training, and conferencing. Explores its potential impact on libraries and enterprises along with the next wave of opportunities that librarians will want to consider, including distance education and communicating. Says that the recent trend is for vendors to combine software capabilities into one seamless environment, and offers a list of the activities these applications support and the new possibilities that have been created. Concludes that it is up to us to dream the big dream and plan for a scenario that provides the foundation for the next generation of learners and library users. Contains two product source guides, one sidebar, and a list of references.
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