Volume 20, Number 4 • April 2000
Designing a Web-based desktop that's easy to navigate — Can't seem to find what you need on the market? Do it yourself! See how these library Web heads designed their own interface
by Eric Rogers

Discusses how the staff at Kansas City Public Library of Kansas City, MO developed a Web-based computer desktop to address challenges in the delivery of computer services to customers. Notes that through extensive planning, creative problem solving, and multiple stages, a solution was implemented that addressed existing problems and provided a flexible future platform. Says that the decision was made to create a new Web-based desktop utilizing Internet Explorer 5's kiosk mode to provide a unified interface; to hide the Windows desktop from the end-user; to allow for consistent branding across all library print and electronic materials; and to provide a flexible architecture for future updates. Describes how the plan was created and the prototype was developed, the rollout and feedback processes, and the design of a children's version of the interface. Contains four screen displays, one code listing, and one sidebar.
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