Selected Sites on Homeland Security
Donna Scheeder
March 13, 2003

Executive Branch 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Initiative Web  site from CDC includes facts, resources, and emergency contacts on biological, chemical, and radiological terrorism, with background on the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program. It also includes recent news, information, and recommendations from CDC on its community health protection initiatives

Department of Defense- Homeland Security
This Department of Defense (DOD) primary Web site for homeland security presents comprehensive information including reports, news, congressional testimony, and links focused on DOD's domestic role in counterterrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security
The DHS site offers a wide variety of information including news and press releases, organizational information, and background on department activites and programs in such areas as threats and protection, border security and research and technology.

The Department of Homeland Security.
This site is devoted to assisting citizens to be prepared for a variety of emergenct scenarios.

Department of Justice Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP)

This Department of Justice Web site provides training, technical, and policy information resources to state and local first responders to enhance their capacity to cope with attacks that use weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

White House Home Page for Homeland Security
This is the primary White House Web site on homeland security and includes links to the major presidential statements, reports, and documents. It also includes the current color-coded terrorism threat status and a link that discusses the color levels under the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS).

Legislative Branch

House Select Committee on Homeland Security
This Web site of the House committee established to guide and oversee its major legislation, H.R. 5005, to create a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS), features testimony transcripts, news, and hearings and event scheduling on the proposed department.

General Accounting Office (GAO) Homeland Security
This GAO page lists its reports related to homeland security

Other  Organizations 

American Red Cross Homeland Security Advisory System
Provides recommendations for individuals, families, and businesses on how to prepare for a community terrorism- related disaster. 

ANSER Homeland Security
This is a research organization providing full-text links to government documents, reports, commission studies, and background material via a virtual library on terrorism and homeland or domestic defense issues. Another related Web site provided by ANSER is a suggested reading list, including recent counter-terrorism documents related to the attack on America.

Brookings Institution
Homeland Security Web page links to analysis, information, and its major studies, including "Assessing the Department of Homeland Security," giving recommendations on forming the new DHS, and "Protecting the American Homeland, A Preliminary Analysis," an initial policy and budgetary report on homeland security structures and resources.

Cato Institute
This site incorporates research, commentary, congressional testinmony and a guide to upcoming events.

Center for Defense Information
The CDI Terrorism Project-Homeland Security page presents defense and policy-oriented information and analysis, including their comprehensive report, Homeland Security: a Competitive Strategies Approach

Government Executive
GovExec.Com has a page devoted to Homeland Security. This page contains links to recent articles written by staff of GovExec or its affiliates. Links to other sources can be found in the Resources section of the page, including Bush administration homeland security documents, federal agencies involved in homeland security, and think tanks and academic resources.

Heritage Foundation
Heritage's Homeland Defense Project with national security and homeland defense resources also includes a reference to its major study, "Defending the American Homeland", an analysis of policy and the application of resources for domestic security.

National Homeland Security Knowledge Base
This is a collection of links to a wide variety of sources of information both by topic and by source. Particularly useful are the links to all federal and state agencies that play a role in Homeland Security programs.

The National Conference of State Legislature: Protecting democracy
This site has information on a variety of homeland security issues of particualr interest to the states and it tacks
legislative actions.