Vol. 7, No. 4 • September 2000
Building relationships: parents, students, teachers, and real data
by Kent Keel

Focuses on using technology to improve parent involvement in the learning process for students. Relates that K12Planet.com ($NA) from Chancery Software Ltd of Vancouver, BC is the first Web site and user interface to integrate its own compatible, freshly updated, and accurate student information into a meaningful medium for parents and students. Says that parents benefit from anytime access to their child's performance, and it allows parents to see patterns and become proactive early in the process. Notes that teachers can embed a URL for a homework or project profile on the K12Planet page, so when students and parents go to the assignment they will have a reference to relevant materials. Discusses what it takes to make the change, what is involved to install and implement a Web-based portal, and security issues. Contains six screen displays.
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