Vol. 7, No. 4 • September 2000
Fund-raising while you shop: a look at fund-raising sites on the Internet
by Angela Seydel

Presents a guide to Web sites that have linked up with a variety of Internet fund-raisers, and everything purchased through these sites sends anywhere from two to 20 percent of the price back to the registered school. Explains that a school registers its name, address, and a contact person, and supporters access the shopping Web site through its direct URL or through a link from the school's Web page. Notes that the sites operate by signing up retailers who agree to rebate a certain percentage of the price of all merchandise purchased, about 75 percent of the rebate going to the school, and the rest to the fund-raising company. Concludes that online shopping is not likely to replace other fund-raising soon, but a school can benefit by using the Internet, as even a few hundred dollars a year can buy a new computer program or two. Includes three screen displays and a sidebar.
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