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October 2002 
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by Kathie Felix, News/Reviews Editor 
TitleWatch lists recently released educational software products that relate to the K-12 curriculum. This list is primarily but not exclusively comprised of CD-ROM products; other formats (diskettes, videodiscs) are noted in the text. Suggestions for entries and press releases should be addressed to Kathie Felix at 5746 Union Mill Rd., PMB 605, Clifton, VA 20124 or to kfelix@infotoday.com

(All titles are CD-ROM unless otherwise noted.) 


Each of the three books in the Clues to Comprehension series for grades
1-6 is accompanied by a CD-ROM that contains .PDF files of the book's contents, as well as individual activities that can be used either with an entire class or with individual students. The books use a riddle format to engage students in analyzing visual and text clues, formulating and revising hypotheses, processing information by creating and interpreting graphic organizers, drawing conclusions, and using critical-thinking skills. The three grade-specific volumes cover grades 1-2, grades 3-4, and grades 5-6. The single copy price for each is $20. Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, 800/777-4489 or http://www.evan-moor.com/.


*Early Learning

Curious George Downtown Adventure for children ages 3-6 allows youngsters to use their logic and critical-thinking skills to build imaginative
contraptions that will help keep the ever-adventurous monkey out of one humorous predicament after another. As players solve the puzzles, they can earn "curiosity tools" such as trampolines, balloons, ladders, and bowling balls to bounce, fly, climb, and slide George out of mischief and restore order to the town. Windows 95/98/ME CD-ROM. $20, single copy price. Knowledge Adventure, 800/545-7677 or http://www.knowledgeadventure.com/.

The Leaps and Bounds series invites youngsters to follow the antics of
panting dogs, silly monsters, and other characters, making new discoveries along the way. Music, bright colors, and surprises around every corner reward young learners as they practice mouse-clicking and pre-reading skills. The
simple, text-free interfaces make the four CDs in the series accessible and easy for young learners of all abilities. Leaps and Bounds 1, Leaps and Bounds 3, and Musical Leaps and Bounds—Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. Leaps and Bounds 2—Win only. $45—single unit price. Multi-pack and site license pricing are available. Developed by Granada Learning. Tool Factory, Inc., 800/220-8386 or http://www.toolfactory.com/.


A geometry curriculum strand has been added to the BoxerMath: Fundamental Math subscription Web site for grades 3-5. The new strand includes 22 activities, bringing the total number of Fundamental Math activities to 155. All are standards-aligned and provide step-by-step interactive
presentations. The geometry activities can be used in sequence or as stand-alone modules. Current Fundamental Math subscribers will have access to the new strand at no additional cost. $40 per student per year.Boxer Learning, 800/736-2824 or http://www.boxerlearning.com/.

Chefren's Pyramid and Cheops' Pyramid blend ancient Egyptian culture with modern mathematics as students are lured into the mysterious chambers of ancient pyramids, where mathematical problems and cultural trivia await. In Chefren's Pyramid, elementary and middle-school students progress through the tunnels and rooms of the pyramid, and can only escape through the exit at the top. In Cheops' Pyramid, high school students work on problems that cover fractions and percents, equations and functions, diagrams, probability, trigonometry, geometry, number systems, and everyday math. Windows only. $80, single copy price. Multi-pack and site license pricing are available. Tool Factory, Inc., 800/220-8386 or http://www.toolfactory.com/.

My Mathematical Life for grades 6-10 allows students to discover the math involved in their everyday activities as they take a character from high school graduation to retirement, advising on important education, career, health, and financial decisions. The decision-making process includes comparing the costs of different purchases; creating realistic budgets; interpreting trends in transportation, housing, and utilities, and other costs; interpreting probabilities to make insurance decisions; and more. Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM. $100—single user or lab pack of 10. $700—network or school pack of 80. Download version pricing: $100—single user or lab pack of 10; $700—unlimited site license. Download size: 20 MB Win, 21 MB Mac. Sunburst, 800/321-7511 or http://www.sunburst.com/.


Bioscopia for ages 8 and up helps students explore human and cell biology, genetics, zoology, and botany as they work to save a young researcher trapped in an abandoned biological research station. Students must solve problems to unlock doors and save the researcher from poison gas pumped throughout the lab by the station's long-dormant robots. This program is a science adventure sequel to the program Physicus. Hybrid Mac/Win CD-ROM. $20—single copy. Tivola Publishing, http://www.tivola.com/ or 212/431-4420.


Kurzweil 1000 Version 7 provides reading software for individuals who are blind or severely visually impaired. The new edition has added features in three areas: online access to books, educational tools that promote more active reading, and office productivity. The software also includes a comprehensive set of accessible text management tools for creating bookmarks, annotations, summaries, and portable MP3 audio files. Designed to promote independent communication, Kurzweil 1000 can read text in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. Windows only. $995, single copy price. Buyers are eligible for free upgrades for 1 year from the date of purchase. After 1 year, upgrades from previous versions are available at a cost of $95. Kurzweil Education Systems, 800/894-5374
or http://www.kurzweiledu.com/.

The Soliloquy Reading Assistant speech recognition reading software works like a classroom reading aide—reading stories aloud to model fluency and listening as the student reads aloud. The program provides intervention when the student shows signs of difficulty and gives help with pronunciations and word meanings. The advanced speech recognition software allows students to practice oral reading independently with immediate feedback to build reading fluency and comprehension. The program's features support classroom teachers and school administrators. $400—classroom license for up to 30 students. Site license pricing is available. Soliloquy Learning, Inc., 866/442-0920 or http://www.soliloquylearning.com/.  

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