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November/December 2002 
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by Kathie Felix, News/Reviews Editor 
TitleWatch lists recently released educational software products that relate to the K-12 curriculum. This list is primarily but not exclusively comprised of CD-ROM products; other formats (diskettes, videodiscs) are noted in the text. Suggestions for entries and press releases should be addressed to Kathie Felix at 5746 Union Mill Rd., PMB 605, Clifton, VA 20124 or to kfelix@infotoday.com

(All titles are CD-ROM unless otherwise noted.) 


Neighborhood MapMachine2.0 updates the program that allows students in grades 1-5 to create maps of existing or imaginary places. The new version allows students to record their own voices to provide narration or directions, as well as to import files including sound clips,
photos, graphics, and movies. More than 20 standards-aligned activities in social studies, math, and language arts have been added. Additional new features include the ability to choose between English or Spanish language; the ability to link to the Internet from any map symbol; Web posting functions that allow the sharing of interactive maps on the Internet; multiple map symbols; pre- and post-tests for student assessment; online standards correlation reports for each activity; audio narration for all activities; and OS X and Windows XP compatibility. Mac/Win CD-ROM. ATeacher's Guide is included. $80—single computer license. $700— network license. Tom Snyder Productions, 800/342-0236 or http://www.tomsnyder.com/.


*Early Learning

Ten Tricky Tiles for grades K-3 helps students to develop arithmetic and logic skills with three levels of activities that involve solving sets of number sentences. Working with vertical and horizontal tile games, students complete a series of randomly generated number sentences.
An on-screen calculator and a Hint button are available to test answers. After a third incorrect attempt, the correct answer is provided. The final level presents a mathematical crossword puzzle with four horizontal and four vertical sentences. Teachers and students can create their own tile games with the blackline masters included in the Teacher's Guide. Mac/Win CD-ROM. CD or online download versions available. $90—single computer or lab pack of 10. $700—network or school unlimited license. Sunburst, 800/321-7511 or http://www.sunburst.com/.

Key Skills for Math for grades K-2 is the first program in a seriesdesigned to reinforce learning in the early mathematics curriculum. The quick-paced environment provides short practice sessions with animated rewards, immediate feedback, and sticker-style report cards. The program features two levels of difficulty, auditory support options, an assessment engine that automatically tracks student progress, and overview reports to help teachers select activities and skill levels appropriate to students. The program's five activities cover sequencing whole numbers, building counting skills, sorting numbers by counting, counting and grouping numbers and objects, adding objects to reach target numbers, using a tallying tool to build basic addition skills, identifying a variety of measurement units, understanding linear measurement, understanding whole-part relationships, and learning fraction representations. Mac/Win CD-ROM. $110—single copy or lab pack of 10. $700—school unlimited license. Sunburst,800/321-7511 or http://www.sunburst.com/.


The Ten Minute series for grades 1-4 focuses on key math topics, allowing students to practice and test their skills in areas such as addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication and division, and fractions. As the series title indicates, each activity and test is designed to take 10 minutes. The programs in the series include Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Numeracy Tests 1, and Numeracy Tests 2. The Numeracy Tests allow teachers to customize work for individual students by targeting objectives and creating questions and tests. A timing feature can be activated for the tests. Win/Mac CD-ROM. $70—each program, single unit price. $250—complete series offive programs, single unit price. Multipack and site license pricing is available. Tool Factory, 800/220-8386 or http://www.toolfactory.com/.

*Language Arts

Simon S.I.O. Stage 1 and Stage 2 help struggling students and students with disabilities to overcome difficulties with phonological awareness. The two products offer individualized phonics instruction and give students practice in improving decoding, word fluency, word recognition, and oral reading skills. The products are built on the Simon Sounds It Out program. Network versions available. $129—full product. $79—existing product upgrade. Don Johnston, Inc., 800/999-4660 or http://www.donjohnston.com/.

Writers' Workshop for middle and high school students offers an Electronic Newsroom and Scripting Studio where students can practice their writing skills. Media banks, including photographs and videos, provide material for feature articles, profiles, autobiographies, news broadcasts, and more. Student journalists are commissioned to write articles on topics such as global warming and can make the decision to accept an assignment or search for another. Activities help students to create storyboards, radio scripts, interviews, and biographical profiles. The program can be run in English, French, Spanish, or German and is appropriate for use in language classes. Windows CD-ROM only. $70—single copy price. Volume discounts are available. Tool Factory, 800/220-8386 or http://www.toolfactory.com/.


The Internet Coach Digital Photo Activity Kit has been released in a bilingual Spanish/English edition. A toggle switch enables users to switch between the languages at any point in the program. Students can combine their own photos with a variety of writing projects to create newsletters, book reports, picture frames, stickers, and more. The project centers include Writing Center, Movie Maker, Travel Center, Special Events, Craft Corner, and Picture Games. The accompanying Teacher's Guide features camera projects and writing activities. The Deluxe Edition of the program includes an Argus DC-1500 digital camera that stores up to 80 photographs. $65—Photo Activity Kit without camera, single copy. $100—Deluxe Edition with digital camera. APTE Inc., 800/494-1112 or http://www.internetcoach.com/.

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