Vol. 7, No. 1 • Jan/Feb 2000
Nature: Virtual Serengeti
by Sally Finley

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a very favorable review of Nature: Virtual Serengeti ($29.95/single copy) from Grolier Interactive of Danbury, CT (800). Recommends a 120MHz PowerPC with System 7.1 or higher and a 4X CD-ROM for Macintosh, or a 133MHz Pentium or faster with Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 and a 6X CD-ROM for Windows users. Describes it as a photo safari designed to help students gain an understanding of biodiversity and its importance to the survival of all species. Says that the program was developed by WNET-TV, producer of the award-winning "Nature" television series and offers students the opportunity to explore wild East African locales, discover animals hidden in their natural habitats, and create a video documentary based on their findings. Calls it one of the most user-friendly programs ever seen and a "must" for any class studying Africa. Rated five on a scale of one to five. Includes one screen display and a scorecard.
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