Vol. 7, No. 1 • Jan/Feb 2000
Diorama Designer
by Susan W. Hixson

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a favorable review of Diorama Designer ($79.95/single license) from Tom Snyder Productions, Inc. of Watertown, MA (800). Runs on Windows 95/98, IBM-compatible 486 (Pentium recommended); or Macintosh with an LCII, 68030 processor (Power PC recommended), System 7.1 or later; both systems require 16MB RAM, 256-color 640 x 480 monitor, and a 2X CD-ROM. Explains that this CD-ROM it combines technology, intensive graphics, and a hands-on approach to teaching social studies for students in grades 2-6, as they work with four historical time periods, creating dioramas, and learning about life at those points in history. Says that once dioramas are created, they may be printed and assembled to form 3D structures in a variety of sizes or they can be printed as posters. Highly recommends it as a new approach to an old favorite. Gives it a rating of four on a scale of one to five. Includes one screen display and a scorecard.
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