Vol. 7, No. 1 • Jan/Feb 2000
Cirque Touchpads
by Agnes Dunn & Mike Ballard

PRODUCT REVIEWS column presents a very favorable review of a family of touchpads and a keyboard from Cirque Corp. of Salt Lake City, UT (888). Notes that they work with any standard mouse driver, IBM PC-compatible desktop, laptop, notebook, or subnotebook computer with an available serial or PS/2 port and Microsoft Windows. Says that this family of products include the touchpads: the Easy Cat ($40), the Smart Cat ($60), and the Cruise Cat ($110) and the keyboard, the Smooth Cat ($80). Notes that the Easy Cat offers all of the functions of a standard mouse in 80 percent less desk space than the typical mouse pad; the Smart Cat offers all of the Easy Cat features and adds a scroll and zoom function; the Cruise Cat adds one-touch launching for e-mail, Web browsers, and CD players, along with a Gestures feature; and the Smooth Cat offers an ergonomic design, a mouse key, and touchpad. Rated all five out of five. Includes two photos and one scorecard.
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