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Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
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SealedMedia Releases New Document Security Software

SealedMedia, a digital rights management software provider, has announced the latest release of its document security software. The new technology can seal Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in addition to the standard media formats already supported: HTML, Adobe PDF, JPEG, GIF, MP3, and QuickTime. According to the announcement, support for these formats only requires the installation of a small browser plug-in on end-users' computers.

Martin Lambert, SealedMedia's chief technology officer, said: "Our technology makes confidential documents secure and keeps the security with the sealed document wherever it goes and whoever uses it, unlike conventional PKI-based security products which attempt to secure the network. A good analogy is that our technology is like permanently locking traditional print documents in a secure briefcase within a huge building. Conventional security products leave the content lying around everywhere in the building and try to secure every door, window, and drainpipe, which is impossible."

According to the announcement, the importance of persistent control over electronic content is critical to most organizations, as e-mail and Web sites have opened up windows to the outside world. This can easily lead to the inadvertent or malicious release of private or confidential information. In addition, employees now use mobile computing devices that all have the capability of holding ever-increasing amounts of confidential and proprietary information. The ease with which these devices can be lost or stolen makes the protection of the information on them even more critical.

According to the announcement, SealedMedia's unique architecture enables organizations to revoke end-user access rights to sealed content at any time, regardless of where the sealed content is stored or whether the end-user was previously authorized to access it.

SealedMedia provides digital rights management technology for organizations that require persistent control over digital content delivered via the Internet. The company claims its technology is unique in its support for multiple media formats, its association of access rights with people rather than devices, and the flexibility of the usage models it enables.

Source: SealedMedia, Burlington, MA, 781/685-4973;

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