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Volume 19, Issue 6 June 2002
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CASPR Unveils LibraryWorld Version 3.0

CASPR Library Systems, Inc. has announced the release of LibraryWorld version 3.0. With an enhanced user interface that's specifically designed for Windows XP and Macintosh OS/X, this new release provides the professional tool librarians need at a price they can live with, according to the announcement.

LibraryWorld 3.0 offers full MARC authority control, which means that catalogers are in charge of their authority terms, such as personal names and topical subjects. These are not simple indexes, but full authority records. When cataloging, a simple expand command allows librarians to quickly pull up the right field and subfields for an author or subject. Authority records can be imported from many sources and can also be exported to share among libraries. In addition, a patron who is searching a library can be referenced to correct terms or related see-also terms.

"We could have provided a simple cross-reference mechanism that looked like authority control, but all the power of MARC authority would have been missing," said Norman Kline, president of CASPR, Inc. "The ability to pull all of a field's subfields and see/see-also references is critical during cataloging. Searching steps up to a new level when the program can tell you what the correct terms are to search for. These features are usually found in systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. We put them into a package and a price that any size library can afford and use."

According to the company, LibraryWorld 3.0 was scheduled to ship this month. All existing LibraryWorld customers with active support agreements will automatically receive the new 3.0 version.

LibraryWorld is an integrated library automation program that provides cross-platform support for cataloging, circulation, serials control, acquisitions, digital documents, and online patron access. LibraryWorld Bronze consists of a MARC cataloging module and a patron-access program called LibraryWorld Explorer. LibraryWorld Silver includes Bronze features plus a full circulation- and patron-management system. LibraryWorld Gold includes all the features of Bronze and Silver plus professional serials and acquisitions modules. The LibraryNet Web Server program provides Web access to the collection from any standard browser.

Source: CASPR Library Systems, Inc., Saratoga, CA, 800/852-2777;

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